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Live Albums
February 26 2001 

Remember the live albums that Ministry were going to put out through Ipecac Records (reported around May 2000)? Well, they aren't coming out. Seems like Warner Bros. gave it the axe dayes before it was going for production. An article in Toronto's Exclaim magazine states that Bungle's manager was both steamed and confused. Apparently Bungle is up for a new contract and Warners wants to keep them on. He said that what they did made no sense, given these circumstances.

(Thanks Jason Gropp)

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February 20 2001 

Anti Paul Barker

Remember that anti Paul Barker site I told you guys about a while back. Well, it's got an interesting message board going now. Visit the site here.

Review Added

Added another review for the live show that Ministry played at on July 19th '99 at the Vic theatre in Chicago here.

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February 7 2001 

This review of the latest Ministry home video/DVD, Tapes of Wrath has been updated by the original author, James Warren. The linked page is where you will also see his review.

News Pages

New design. Better. Easier. Grow to love it. If you happen to come across a bug or something when navigating through, please email me. Thanks!

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February 6 2001 


Ulf Kristensson and Casey, both emailed me about more A.I. news. Over at Dark Horizons, they mentioned the upcoming Steven Spielberg film. The article talks of what the arena set looks like (you can see the map to it here. Anyways, here is a snippet that talks of Ministry:

"The band, Ministry, played on the second story, and underneath them were robots in a jail like place with bars. They were being held there. The whole reason for this scene, is to show that real humans, not artificial ones, now get pleasure from watching robots(artificial intel.) being destroyed. Behind the stage were a group of tents. Oh yeah, the stage had two huge LCD screens which gave the audience in the bleachers a better look at the robots being destroyed. The round tent in the back was a tech tent, in the movie it will look as if the people in this tent are controlling what goes on the LCD screens. Apparently, Spielberg and his humor had to add in a "MechDonalds". At the bottom right of the drawing."

Site Updates

Updated the discography section to include a Compilations section. I have listed two compilations from the early years of Arista which featured Ministry and Body Falling Downstairs (Roland + Barker). Like the organization of the news pages? It has yet to be finished, but will be soon. Navigation should be easier...


Sean found out that the revoltingcocks.com was registered by a Pulsity employee, and that Pulsity will not design the site (as we originally thought).

Chris Connelly

Chris' project The Bells are released Blonde Exodus today. Stacey also tells me that Chris and Bill Rieflin will release an album together. The album will be called Largo and is set for release on February 13.

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