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July 28 2001 

Over the past few days, I received lots of emails concerning a film, which Paul Barker appears in. It is actually a documentary, and I remember seeing a TV special on this woman, Cynthia Plaster Caster. She plasters the penises of rock stars (she was the one who did one of Jimi Hendrix, and Anthony Keidis)...

You can read more about this at the Movie Database.

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July 27 2001 

Pierre Knutsson and I are working on the lyrics to What About Us?, the new track from Ministry. They are not easy and are not complete!! You can see what we have here. Update: More help came from more people and the lyrics are almost complete.

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New Album
July 13 2001 

It was reported before in some article that Ministry are going to start working on a new album, but more articles are popping up. Particularly this one on Mtv News.

Nine new pounding songs have been written and the band are going to be entering the studio soon.

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July 11 2001 

I was reading a transcribed radio interview with Ogre (hosted by the brilliant Litany Site) and found this to be interesting:

4b)You were going to work with Al Jourgensen, is that correct? [On Welt, the album currently out by Ohgr.]

No, not in '95. This has been going on since '88. I toured with Ministry in the 80's. I toured with the Revolting Cocks. And we, in a heroin-induced stooper, each got a tattoo. I got a Cocks tattoo, and he got a WELT tattoo. It was more a conceptual idea at the time doing this. At the time we were all doing side projects, and we were all cluster-fucking. So we like had the idea and during preproduction of The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste tour, in between rehersals and shots of heroin, we put one track down quite haphazardly. Then over the course of that tour, mine and Al's relationship took a bit of a deviated septum-like turn. And so it just never came into fruition. I kept the name. And if you know anything about my history, I have not been the most focused. I have been rather erractic. This isn't necessarily something I do as a point of business, it was a lifestyle.....

The rest of the interview can be read here. Apparantly Al and Ogre are now friends...

Also the interviewer asked Ogre on his opinions on what the state of industrial music is. Ogre replies:

The "industrial-metal" thing, I thought Ministry did it best. I think everybody else took a cue from Ministry and jumped on the bandwagon, and resurrected their 80's hair-band. The metal perspective...it gave it a face-lift.

So I think industrial music gave metal a big face-lift.

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Yet Another Article
July 7 2001 

Before we get to the articles, I just wanted to say that the web-based discussion board that is up is active, and that it's more or less stable to use.

There is yet another interesting article here. Interesting read, but to quote:

'"We have nine songs now that are going onto tape in various states of undress," he reveals. "We should be done by about fall. The last album that I liked that we did, really, was Filth Pig [1995], and the album before that, The Land of Rape & Honey [1988]. This is the next one in that sequence."'

I didn't think Mind or Psalm was bad. I could agree on The Dark Side, but not Mind or Psalm. If it weren't for Psalm 69, I don't think many people would really know about Ministry.

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July 6 2001 

Ryan Harrison found an interesting article about Ministry and fireworks which you can read here.

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July 5 2001 

Promo Image

I received this promotional picture in my email this morning from J. Hood:

(click on it to enlarge.). The photograph includes (left to right): Adam Grossman, Max Brody (cool saxophonist I met on their last tour), Al Jourgensen, Tycoon, Duane Buford, and Paul Barker. Tycoon is Al's girlfriend.


Chris Vogel kindly sent me a link to some Ministry interviews which you can watch through your browser and RealVideo. The videos show an interview with Ministry by Anthony DeCurtis on GetMusic. You can view all the videos here. The page includes another promo picture (kind of small).

What About Us? Video

The video to the track What About Us? can be downloaded from the official Ministry site, www.darkspoon.com.

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July 2 2001 

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I am in the process of moving apartments right now and the internet won't be hooked up till later...


Ulf Kristensson sent me a link to a new interview with Paul Barker, which can be read here.

AI Review

This is not a site for AI, but there are lots and lots of reviews out there for the new flick. I found this interesting one over at slashdot, where you can read here (spoilers apply). Again, I am not going to make it a habit of posting reviews for this.

Sonicnet Article

An interesting article on Ministry and the whole AI thing over on Sonicnet, which can be read here.

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