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Site Updates
May 18 2008 

Ok, I know it's been a while since we've updated parts of the site. I've spent the better part of the day doing just that. New additions include:

New Song Download - After some bandwidth issues, these are back online and there are several new ones waiting to be put up. The current song is a live version of SeƱor Peligro from the New York 2006 show.

Tour updates - Thanks to Revco, I've updated all the dates for the 1990 Mind tour, and should have them all correct now. I've also added ticket stubs/posters to several shows including 1/11/90, 2/3/90, 6/19/99, 7/25/92, 8/12/92, 1/24/90, 8/3/90, 12/27/92, 12/1/92, 11/8/88, and 4/11/03. Feel free to browse around the tour section, as updates are pretty continuous.

New Interviews - I added an interview from the Phoenix Sun Times from November 1988 (thanks to tenohtwo) and scans of the Chicago Tribune 7/12/92 interview we had previously only had a transcript of. The real interview includes a picture of Al/Patty/Adrienne (then 7) and a picture from the Lollapallooza practice sessions. Also added to the interview page are a few Wax Trax promotional pics/press releases. Scroll to the bottom for those.

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