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Flowering Blight Download
November 23 2008 

Flowering Blight's The Perfect Pair is available for purchase in MP3 format here.

Posted by Afra ( 456 )

Paul Barker's Flowering Blight Released
November 19 2008 

Yes, it's finally happened!

The album, The Perfect Pair from Paul Barker's Flowering Blight project has finally been released!

Here is a note from Paul himself:

I finally have the first Flowering Blight cd available. This music was recorded three years (!) ago, and was lurking behind the other projects I'd been spending time on. Should be a hit with the ladies...

I want to again thank Gerda Barker, Mat Mitchell, Kyle Ellison, Lee Popa, Earl Harvin, Josh Freese, Adam Grossman, Max Brody, Beth Black, Paul Leary, Critter, Tony Rancich, Danny Lohner, Maria Ferrero, Roland Barker, Paul Elledge, Jimmy Archey, Kevin Walt, Leasha Overturf, Jolee Popa, John Baldwin, Daniel Field, Michael Brokaw, Mark Levinson, and Afra Ahmad for keepin' it real, man.

And your Mama wears combat boots!

Paul Barker

The album itself has appearances from Josh Freese (known for working with a lot of musicians including Nine Inch Nails), Adam Grossman and others.

You may order The Perfect Pair straight from Flowering Blight's webpage. Shipping is included in the price - if you live in the US, it is $12.25 and overseas, $15.00 . Or, you can order from this site.

You can read more information on the release on this site. Lyrics are coming very soon.

Posted by Afra ( 455 )