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New Song Download
February 21 2009 

As promised, the new song of the week is up on the sound page. This one is a demo version of Every Day Is Halloween. Based on the history of the song, the sound of the demo and the other contents of the source material, this probably dates from late 1983 to early 1984 and contains many elements that were changed for the later version that saw release. The general song structure remains the same, but this was definitely before the song was polished up and finished. The most notable change is in the lyrics, as this demo version has several major differences from the finished song. Hope you enjoy this gem! More to come.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 458 )

New Song Download
February 4 2009 

Updated the songs on the download page. First, added a live version of Under My Thumb from the Denver 2008 show. It's a nice audience recording of a song that's unfortunately not on the tracklisting for the upcoming live DVD. As with all songs from the encores of the C U Latour, Burton Bell from Fear Factory does vocals.

Also brought back one of the most requested past downloads - I See Red Version 2 from the Twitch tour practice sessions. Enjoy!

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 457 )