Wax Trax Chicago: Retrospectacle Live

On the weekend of April 15 - 17 2011, various Wax Trax artists performed with their respective lineups from the early days of the record label. This concert was mainly to commemorate the 33 1/3 Year Anniversary of Wax Trax and to honor the ones that started it all, Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher.

The bands which performed included Rights of the Accused, Front 242 and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. KMFDM songs were performed by En Esch, Guenter Schulz and Raymond Watts. Some of the members of the band performing Revolting Cocks tracks included Paul Barker, Chris Connelly, Luc Van Acker, and Duane Buford. Setlists and member rosters are shown below.

A recap of the weekend can be read over at the Chicago Tribune and LA Weekly.

This event could not have been made possible by Julia Nash (Wax Trax founder Jim Nash's daughter). It was amazing in how she brought all this together.

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Day One:

  • Rights of The Accused
  • Members performing KMFDM
  • Front 242

Day Two:

  • The Blue Ribbon Glee Club (Chicago's Premier Punk Rock Choir). They were later joined by Paul Barker on bass and performed Pailhead's "I Will Refuse" as well as Ministry's "Everyday is Halloween".
  • Members performing Revolting Cocks
  • My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
  • DJ Set From Richard 23 and Patrick Codenys (Front 242)

Day Three:

  • Members performing KMFDM
  • Members performing Revolting Cocks
  • Front 242

Performing Members

Members who performed Revolting Cocks songs:

  • Paul Barker - Bass
  • Chris Connelly - Vocals
  • Luc Van Acker - Vocals
  • Duane Buford - Keyboard
  • Jaime Duffy - Guitar
  • Dan Brill - Drums

Members who performed KMFDM songs:

  • En Esch - Vocals, Guitar
  • Guenter Schulz - Guitar
  • Raymond Watts - Vocals
  • Paul Wood - Drums
  • Mona Mur - Vocals

Front 242:

  • Richard 23 - Vocals, Keyboard
  • Jean Luc DeMeyer - Vocals
  • Patrick Codenys - Keyboard
  • Daniel Bressanutti - Keyboards, Programming, Visuals, Live Mixing
  • Tim Kroker - Drums

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult:

  • Groovie Mann - Vocals
  • Buzz McCoy - Keyboard, Guitars
  • Justin Bennett - Drums
  • Jacky Blacque - Backing Vocals


Setlist pictures from backstage can be seen over the Retrospectacle Live pictures page.

Revolting Cocks songs (same setlists were played on the different days they performed):

  • Beers, Steers and Queers
  • Attack Ships On Fire
  • Stainless Steel Providers
  • (Let's Get) Physical
  • Something Wonderful
  • No Devotion (on day two Luc Van Acker was on vocals; on day three Richard 23 was on vocals)
  • Do You Think I'm Sexy? (with live Saxophone by Jane Rodriguez-Grothendick)

KMFDM songs (same setlists were played on the different days they performed):

  • Don't Blow Your Top
  • Friede
  • Achtiung
  • Leid & Elend
  • Juke Joint Jezebel
  • Flesh
  • Hothole
  • Godlike
  • Drug Against War
  • Brut


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