Ministry: Tapes of Wrath

This video compilation is a collection of Ministry and Revolting Cocks promotional videos. The formats available are DVD and VHS.


1. "Over the Shoulder"
2. "Stigmata"
3. "Flashback"
4. "Burning Inside"
5. "The Land of Rape and Honey" (live)
6. "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
7. "N.W.O." 
8. "Just One Fix"
9. "Lay Lady Lay"
10. "Reload"
11. "Bad Blood"
12. "Crackin' Up"
13. "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"
This is a review of the video sent in by James Warren:
"OVER THE SHOULDER (1986, Twitch):
A cool mid-80s vid that really seems kinda out of place on here, but is cool 
anyways. It features carjackers, shopping mart thieves, and a cook making 
eggs with screws and gasoline in a pan. The theme of the video is that we're 
used just once, then it's over the shoulder. This is expressed through 
bombs, compacted cars, etc. It's interesting.

STIGMATA (1988, The Land of Rape and Honey):
Wicked! Probably one of the creepiest vids I've ever seen. Features Nazis, 
robotic machines and the dogmatic Al Jourgensen himself. Also features 
bassist Paul
Barker on a motorcycle. =)

FLASHBACK (1988, The Land of Rape and Honey):
Like "Over The Shoulder," this video seems out of place. It is unreleased 
(contains the unedited 'and I'm gonna laugh like a motherfucker line') and 
is just as cool as the "Stigmata" video. I think they could've found another
song off the album to make a video of, but it's still cool nonetheless.

(1989, The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Taste):
This is actually the first video to feature Ministry as a live act. It shows 
burning buildings, the oh-so-cool members, and their maniacal fans who try 
to tear down the metal fence which surrounds the stage. Very cool.

(1990, The Land Of Rape and Honey):
This is the live version taken from the ICYDFLSU home
video. Features a very, VERY killer rendition of the song, plus video 
footage that was used as the backdrop of the show (a la NIN). Also guest 
stars Jello Biafra.

JESUS BUILT MY HOTROD (1991, Psalm 69):
It features Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers on vocals, both on the 
actual song and in the video.
Unfortunately, one thing I noticed in the song was the Dennis Hopper sample. 
It was EDITED. I figured they'd mix the original line in the video, and not 
keep it edited. So the word "fuckin'" is still backwards masked. Sucks.

N.W.O. (1992, Psalm 69):
Another cool video. Basically it just features Al and Paul, but it also 
shows a lot of police brutality and government fuckups. It even shows a 
woman who symbolizes the Statue of Liberty being beaten by nightsticks! AND
a man dressed as George Bush grabbing his crotch!

JUST ONE FIX (1992, Psalm 69):
This is the coolest Ministry video, hands down. Features a man going through 
heroin withdrawals. Not to mention a very crafty cameo by the late William 
S. Burroughs. =)

LAY LADY LAY (1996, Filth Pig):
This is the most mainstream Ministry video, as far as I'm concerned. Plus, 
it's a Bob Dylan cover. It features the entire group, and some live footage 
from the Sphinctour. The group is the *new* lineup, with Svitek and others.

RELOAD (1996, Filth Pig):
This video was unreleased, which is kinda odd considering how fucking funny 
it was! It's a parody of the JFK assassination. Al has multiple roles as 
Jackie O, Jesus, and Fidel Castro! Another member plays JFK. The girl in it
SERIOUSLY looks like Marilyn Monroe too. But it's neato,
really. I think it's the same director who did System Of A Down's "Sugar".

BAD BLOOD (1999, Dark Side of the Spoon):
It's probably not the best Ministry vid I've seen. It's more or less a heavy 
metal video.

CRACKIN' UP [Revolting Cocks]
(1993, Linger Fickin' Good):
This is awesome, and it's kinda funny. To give an indication of how this 
video looks, picture the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Higher Ground" video mixed 
with Porno For Pyros' "Pets" video. That's how it looks. Duane Bedford is 
very hilarious.

DO YA THINK I'M SEXY? [Revolting Cocks]
(1993, Linger Fickin' Good):
I swear to god, when I saw this video, I was in tears. This is by far the 
most comical video I've seen in a looooong time! One interesting aspect of 
this video is that it features cameos by Edwin Neal (the hitchhiker in 
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), plus the grandmother corpse from the same film. 
Trust me, you haven't seen everything till you've seen ol' Al Jourgensen 
toting a fake tommy gun.

This video has it's downsides, however. Ministry tends to use a lot of 
repetition in their videos. Some good examples of this would be "Stigmata" 
and "N.W.O." But anyways, folks, even if you're not Ministry fans, this 
movie will trip you out, due to the comedic content in it and the excellent 
music. It's great. Check it out!"


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