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  1. Man Should Surrender
  2. Anthem
  3. Don't Stand In Line
  4. Ballad
  5. No Bunny
  6. I will Refuse


Man Should Surrender

     You engineer the stratosphere
     You command this hemisphere
     But water will still come
     Man should surrender

     Rearrange forms of life
     Battle night with your lights
     But water will still come
     Man should surrender

     Flying boxes through the air
     Dropping cities everywhere
     But water will still come
     Man should surrender

     Fire made for all to burn
     Foolish end for all concerned
     But water will still come
     Man should surrender

     Surrender now


     This is the Anthem
     You are in control of your thinking
     You are responsible for your actions
     You create the limitations
     You know well the situation
     This world is broken

     You will catch it with your head when it falls

Don't Stand In Line

     Speak your piece, speak your mind
     Leave no points undefined
     We may be undermined
     Numbers assigned and then confined
     They will try to realign
     And get us to leave our thoughts behind
     You want your message to shine?

     Don't stand in line


     Pick up the Goddamn phone
     I pay to hear you lie
     I saw you on T.V.
     There's nothing here for me
     I'll pay the price
     So pick up the Goddamn phone

     I'm just a voice you cannot see
     But you act as if you know me
     You chat away while I bleed
     Then take my money

No Bunny

     No Bunny
     It's not funny
     Don't believe everything you read

     It's fable
     Just a label
     So don't follow the lead
     There is no bunny
     I promised
     It's ugly, it's stupid
     Don't be the same

     You're a sucker
     A violent fucker

     Teenager frustrated
     Easily manipulated
     Enemy created
     Televison mated
     waiting to be hated
     Won't you look outside?
     Look outside!

I Will Refuse

     Born as a blank page
     We must pick and choose
     Our destinations and
     The paths we'll use
     What shall we say is sacred
     Waht will be abused
     It's no wonder
     The world is confused
     Murder and weather
     Is our only news
     I will refuse!

     Your offer is tempting
     But it's not what it seems
     You take advantage
     Of everyone else's dreams
     You create the perfect picture
     By dressing up the scene
     Trust our hopes and lives
     To your death machines
     Your point is not well taken
     Because that's not what it means
     I will refuse!



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