You may view the lyrics from the following Lard releases:

Interestingly enough, both Al and Jello BiAfra (Dead Kennedys) were at the same concert when both were younger.

The music was recorded to Pure Chewing Satisfaction around the time of Psalm 69's release in 1992.
The reason it was released in 1997 was because Jello Biafra was beaten up
at a concert in San Fransisco.
Someone recognised him and called him a "sell out" and beat him badly.
So this delayed the album as he couldn't sing well enough.

All albums were released on Biafra's own record label, Alternative Tentacles.


Jello Biafra - vocals
Al Jourgensen - guitar
Paul Barker - bass
Jeff Ward (RIP) - drummer
Bill Rieflin - drummer


Power Of Lard EP
1989 Alternative Tentacles


1. The Power Of Lard
2. Hellfudge
3. Time To Melt

Last Temptation Of Reid
1990 Alternative Tentacles

1. Forkboy
2. Pineapple Face
3. Mate, Spawn and Die
4. Drug Raid at 4am
5. Can God Fill Teeth
6. Bozo Skeleton
7. Sylvestre Matuschka
8. They're Coming To Take Me Away
9. I'm Your Clock

The song Forkboy is on the soundtrack to Natural Born Killers.
The soundtrack is produced by Trent Reznor.

Pure Chewing Satisfaction
1997 Alternative Tentacles

1. War Pimp Renaissance
2. I Wanna Be A Drug-Sniffing Dog
3. Moths
4. Generation Execute
5. Faith, Hope and Treachery
6. Peeling Back The Foreskin of Liberty
7. Mangoat
8. Sidewinder


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