Acid Horse

A one-off project, result of a wild night in the studio with Al and co., plus Richard H. Kirk and Stephen Mallinder from Cabaret Voltaire. The single features the song "No Name, No Slogan", with two different mixes. The "original" version was mixed & produced in Chicago by Al, and the other was mixed in Sheffield (UK) by Cabaret Voltaire.

The collaboration came about when Richard and Stephen were in Chicago working with DJ Marshall Jefferson. Marshall knew Al because a lot of the House guys recorded at Chicago Trax, and he introduced them (apparently Al had been a fan of Cabaret Voltaire for a while).

Lyrics for this release can be read here.

Harold Sandoz (Richard H. Kirk, vocals)
Alien Dog Star (Al Jourgensen, guitar/keyboards)
Tennessee King (Stephen Mallinder, vocals)
Biff (Bill Rieflin, drums)
"Gallopin'" Scorpio Saddlebutt (Chris Connelly, lead vocals)

No Name, No Slogan (Single)
1989 Wax Trax Records


1. No Name, No Slogan (produced by Luxa/Pan)
2. No Name, No Slogan (produced by Cabaret Voltaire)

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