Ministry Tribute Vol 2.: Another Prick In The Wall

This is part 2 of the Ministry Tribute Album Collection from Invisible Records.
Part one is Wish You Were Queer.


01. Electric Hellfire Club - The Land Of Rape And Honey
02. The Shining - Jesus Built My Hotrod
03. En Esch - Work For Love
04. Meg Lee Chin - Just One Fix
05. Resident Phase Shifter - Thieves
06. Terminal 46 - So What?
07. Attrition - The Cannibal Song
08. The Aliens - She's Got A Cause
09. Dessau - Revenge
10. Deist Requiem - Deity
11. Sons Of Midnight - You Know What You Are
12. Heavy Water Factory - Just One Fix

Notes: Most people's opinion of this album isn't low.. it's extremely low.
Most people will tell you not to get the album since it does Ministry
no justice and even makes you cringe at the bands playing the songs.

My opinion? Only get this if you are a collector trying to get it all.
Otherwise, it's just a waste of time and money. Just go get Wish You Were Queer.


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