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Jaime Duffy
June 25 2012 

A lot in the Chicago music scene would not have been possible without Jaime Duffy. Last year's Revolting Cocks performance for the Wax Trax! Records Retrospectacle event would not have been possible without Jaime's technical and musical help (he was not only the guitarist for this but also the one who coordinated everything within the band). Though he is most known for his work on Acumen Nation, he has tremendously helped on Ministry's Filth Pig and Lard's Pure Chewing Satisfaction as well as many other albums from the Industrial scene. He was a very hard working and caring individual and it was not uncommon to bump into him while out and about in Chicago.

Sadly, on June 21st 2012, he passed away. Our condolences to his family and close friends. Here's an interesting piece written by Jim Marcus (Die Warzau).

Posted by Afra ( 483 )