06/06/86 - Chicago, IL @ Medusa's

Date: Friday, June 6th, 1986
City: Chicago, IL
Venue: Medusa's
Over the Shoulder
Isle of Man
Where You At Now?
We Believe
No Devotion
Thrill Kill Kult
All Day
(Everyday Is) Halloween
Eyes of Christ
Ricky's Hands
  • The track "Thrill Kill Kult" (early working title) was a track written by Frankie Nardiello, who later performed this under his now-known moniker 'Groovie Mann' for his group My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. The music for this track is pretty much the same as Lead Into Gold's "Hatred". Frankie did lighting for this tour, and also performed with Al in their first band.


  • Unknown.


  • A complete audio recording of this show exists.


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