05/02/86 Boston, MA - MIT

Date: Friday, May 2nd, 1986
City: Boston, MA 
Venue: MIT
Over The Shoulder
  • This show ws originally for MIT students only, but was opened to the public after low ticket sales.
  • From the MIT paper (and written by Donald Yee):

    "In contrast to Face to Face, Ministry's act was literally and figuratively much darker. The stage was dim throughout the act, with stark silhouette figures eerily lit from behind the backdrop. The band came on stage welcomed by hearty applause from the audience. Lead singer Alain Jourgensen promptly emptied his trenchcoat pockets and threw their contents inito the audience. Throughout the show, Jourgensen hurled comments out at the audience, shouting "Reagan youth, Its time to wake up!" He also expressed annoyance at the stage barricade, declaring, "Dance Patrol, let the people come forward!"

    After starting with "Over the Shoulder", a single from their new album, Ministry continued with more material from the album, plus songs from Jourgensen's other band, the Revolting Cocks. In fact, the set was much like the one they played at the Channel about a month ago, except a bit shorter. The sound was much better than at the Channel show, probably due to the large open space of the Athletic Center. The percussion, although still powerful, did not obliterate the other parts. The show was heavily reliant on electronics, as was evident at points when the wall of sound continued pouring even as most of the band was not playing. At points, they broke out of their chillingly mechanical air, particularly on "Go!" Although the instrumentation for this song remained the same, the band managed to break out into a frenzied, rocket-speed beat.

    Ministry was also called back for an encore. Apparently pleased and perhaps surprised by the audience response, Jourgensen declared, "I'm glad to report that there are no f-in' Reagan youth in the audience tonight!"


  • Face To Face


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