04/04/86 - Trenton, New Jersey @ Trenton City Gardens

Date: Friday, April 4th, 1986
City: Trenton, New Jersey
Venue: Trenton City Gardens
  • This show was mentioned in the book Faith No More: The Real Story - "We're booked to play with Ministry in New Jersey, which was quite a coup for us even though it was when they were a dance band... They gave us about two ft of stage space to play on, and we weren't being too confrontational, but Ministry took us like assholes immediately. They didn't like us from the start, I guess because we were scruffy, dirty-looking and they were in standards and clean-cut... So we're playing, thinking everything's OK, and through our monitors this guy goes, 'OK you're gonna fuck with us we're gonna fuck with you. We're gonna fuck you up, you trash our shit.' Everybody in the audience is wondering what the hell is going on, to us it's like this 'voice of God'. We can't work out what it is and we can't work out what we've done. I guess because we're a really active band, they thought we were stepping all over their stuff when we were just trying to play. And we started playing harder and harder; next thing I know the power's gone, guys are up onstage throwing us off-stage and getting our gear and throwing it into the alley. They threw us out without paying us the $125 we were meant to get.


  • Faith No More


  • No audio or video recordings are known to exist.


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