12/31/81 - Chicago, IL @ Misfits

Date: Thursday, December 31st, 1981
City: Chicago, IL
Venue: Misfits
Cold Life 
I'm Falling 
First True Love Affair
  • First ever live performance by Ministry.
  • Info on this show came straight from former Ministry tour keyboardist, Bob Roberts: "The first Ministry gig was in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood at a club called Huey's. Right next to the L stop on Sheridan. It was New Year's Eve '81-'82. We also played there the following night. I do seem to recall that we had a lot of people join us onstage, background singers and horn players." He then went on to state that they played "some covers including a Jimmy Ross song called 'First True Love Affair'" and that they "only knew about 8 or 9 songs", so it is a possibility this was the amount of songs that were played, though only three so far are documented.
  • May have had more openers.


  • Book of Holy Lies
  • The Men (?)


  • An audio recording of this show supposedly exists.

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