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January 30 2000 


I received quite a long email from Alternative Tentacles, Lard's record label (fronted by Jello Biafra). The email talks about Lard and the new upcoming album from them, '70s Rock Must Die. You can read the full press release here but here is a little snippet:

Remember the 70's? C'mon, of course you do.
The Bee Gees, John Travolta, and Ford Pintos
exploding on rear impact? Well, LARD hasn't
forgotten. And they are dying to share those
memories on the title track of their new EP,
70's Rock Must Die. 70's Rock Must Die is an
epic screaming for a music video. It's a
trip down Melrose with long hair and leather-
Jello, Al, and Paul flipping the bird as they
drive. And, yes, that actually IS Jello

The press release goes on to mention a bid which will take place on eBay.

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January 28 2000 


Well I bought the other tribute album today titled Devilswork. So now there are 3 tribute albums in total.

This was enough to make a new page: Tributes Page.

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January 26 2000 


It seems that Al Jourgensen has confirmed with Metal Edge (December Issue) that there will indeed be a new Ministry album coming soon! He was quoted to saying that the new album was recorded during the last recording session and is put on the shelf for the time being. But we all know Metal Edge's reliability, don't we?

Incidentally, another rumour was that Ministry are going to move to Maverick Records. This may be true, because Ministry have one more album to put out under Warner Bros before their contract is out. Which means they could well be moving...

Maverick Records is owned by pop singer Madonna, and the label features other artists such as The Prodigy and Alanis Morrisette.


Expect an interview from Terrence Roberts which I will conduct. He's on tour right now, but promises me some time when he gets back. He was the guitarist for Ministry for a while and can be seen on the In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live) video.


I bought the Another Prick In The Wall tribute album, and tonight I will scan all the images and write up a page on it. I wasn't particularly impressed with it, but I haven't listened to it much lately because of the lack of time.

Another tribute album is also out titled Devilswork and the bands which covered Ministry are unknown (at least to me). The band lists includes Chapter 23, Phobic, American Head Charge, etc... The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Scarecrow - Nocturne
02. TV. II - Phobic
03. Filth Pig - American Head Charge
04. Psalm 69 - Pain Corporation
05. Supremanic Soul - Diesel Machine
06. N.W.O. - Hostile Intent
07. Stigmata - Scary German Guy
08. Breathe - Exmortis
09. Gameshow - Chapter 23
10. Just One Fix - Disarray
11. Thieves - Turning Of The Gears
12. Burning Inside - Juror 13


For those who care, I have a webpage up now..You can see it here.

(Thanks goes to King Carter)

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New Album?!
January 22 2000 

New Album?!?

Rich Schussman sent the following:

----Begin Quote----------
I am a assistant Manager at a Record Store and I am told by record Reps that there will be a NEW Ministry Album at the End of March not live but new material and a Tour with Pantera to follow and Possibly Ozzfest, the new record is Faster and Heavier like Psalm 69 also I heard they have moved to Maverick records (which I do not know if that is true) but it's distributed by the same company.
------End Quote------------

Now I have heard these rumours for a while but maybe it's becoming official?!

Tribute Album II

The Ministry Tribute Album, Another Prick In The Wall was released in the US on January 18th. It comes from Invisible Records. For Part I on this series, you can read more here

Ministry Guitarist

I received this email from Terrence Roberts who has played live guitar with ministry:

----Begin Quote----------
I was in "In case you didn't feel like showing up live"video.I am the guitar player with the cowboy hat on.I have been in many bands including UK Subs, Broken Bones,Discharge, and currently the Buisness.
------End Quote------------

An interview I am conducting with him may be coming shortly...

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January 19 2000 

Picture Below

It seems down below that Al is wearing a Chicago Blackhawks Ice hockey jersey, and not a Phoenix Coyotes jersey.
Thanks to Lyle for spotting that.

Al Live

Jared Boyer sent me the following interesting snippet:

On the grueling MTV/2 A-Z countdown on 1-14 they showed the Skatenigs
video for Chemical Imbalance off of the album Stupid People Shouldn't
Breed. The video had Al Jourgenson on guitar on the live portions of the

Lard CD

Ulf Kristensson informed me of a CD he found over at Boxman. It seems to be some compilation. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Video
2. Trainwreck
3. Half Life
4. Bored With Beauty
5. Oklakhoma City Alarm Clock
6. Life Sentence
7. Dicks Hate The police
8. A Bright Shinning Hell
9. Trouble Shake
10.5c Hustler Pt 2cTrouble In Vegas
11.Swell Song
12.Wrong Bathroom
13.Sometimes I Get This Urge
14.Would We Be Alive
15.CĀ“Mon Baby
16.I Wanna Be Drug Sniffing Dog
17.SleepinĀ“ On Bowery Street
18.Bomb School
19.The Story Of McElwee
21.The Chicken Cow
23.King Of The Road

Video Compilation

Many people are asking about the video compilation that was reported about a few months back. There is still no news on this. It's odd that they didn't release it before Christmas. Oh well...

Ministry Cover

Thanks to Adam Alexis for sending this over:

the band static-x is contributing a cover
of "buring inside,' with guest vocals by
burton c bell of fear factory, on the
crow:salvation soundtrack.

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Important Stuff
January 13 2000 

This Server

Because this Ministry page moved servers a few days ago, there may be some pages not functional. The guestbook, buy/sell pages are not currently working, however, the Wanted Page has been fixed.

The mailing list has also been shut down for now, but will be back up in a few days.


Ministry were recently nominated for "Best Metal Performance" with the song "Bad Blood" in the Grammy's.

Below is a picture of Al Jourgensen at the nomination presentations on January 4th:

Al is on the left, Kid Rock in the middle and Jason Newsted from Metallica on the 2nd from right.

Terrence Roberts Email

I received an email from Terrence Roberts:

How come you never mentioned me? (in the Ministry video).I am the guitar player Terry Bones.....

I am sorry for not stating this before, but let it be known now!

Thank you goes to Ulf Kristensson.

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