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What is Naugahyde Dream Sequence?

Glad you asked. You said you knew who the Big Boys are. For the last seven to eight years, I was good friends with Randy Turner.

Oh, really?

Yeah, we had done several little recording projects together. We always had a lot of fun. That album started out as a bunch of music that I edited together from some jam sessions. It turned out to be the last full album that Randy Turner is on. It's all pretty much music that I wrote.


I got together with some friends; we shared studio space with the guys that are in the band Obeast, Josh and J.D., who are also the Bearded Lady printing guys from Austin, and I had some months at home around the Animositisomina song writing time. I remember jamming with those guys, recording it on four-track cassettes. I was still learning the Pro-Tools way to edit music. I just thought, "I'll record these jam sessions and I'll edit them into something to just practice with Pro-Tools." Well, what resulted got everyone more excited about it than I thought anybody would. I remember playing it for Randy and all the sudden he wanted to sing on it! It was crazy, you know? This sort of lo-fi thing started to get serious. We thought, "Let's polish this turd and make it into something surreal!" I worked long and hard on it. It came out a weird little record. Got 4 out of 5 stars in the local rag! But it just so happened to be the last record that Biscuit [Randy] made... horrible. I still can't believe he's dead. I did get a few other songs here and there out of him which will come out eventually, too... we were going to actually start a band when he died.

Tell me about the Jackofficers and the Non-Prophets.

Okay, Non-Prophets was the stuff I gave as a name to the stuff I did out in Arizona, the year after I was out of Ministry and my daughter was born. It is the material that I was going to start a band with, with Biscuit. So I don't know what I'm doing with it right now. I don't have a name for it. Right now, you can call it The Max Brody Show.


The Jackofficers, that's an old band that had Jeff Pinkus and Gibby Haynes. They did a techno record back in... 1990? Or 1989?


From way back then. It's like a techno record but made with... Butthole Surfers' sensibilities. So you can imagine how tongue-in-cheek and trippy it is.

I didn't know Gibby was into that kind of music, at least until the last Butthole Surfers record.

That must've been where his interests in that started to surface. I don't know Gibby that well. Essentially I talked to Pinkus, saying I have this website, and he's got boxes full of these things. I said to him, you know, help me out, give me something else to sell and I'll try to get rid of them. I'm starting a label, I need good shit to sell. And he said, "Do it!" Its an incredible record that's really underrated. I love it. It will probably be available through

Wrapping this up, tell me about the site you're doing again so the rest of us can keep up with what you're going to be doing in the future. It's being put together with Brett Bradford and myself, and nothing's on it at the moment. But hey, actually, if somebody wants to write me, tell them that they can reach me through that site at someguy at

Max, I want to thank you for the priviledge of doing this interview. It's been a pleasure getting the chance to talk to you.

Awesome! Thanks a lot, you take it easy.

Later, man.


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