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What hand did Paul's brother Roland have in the recording of Halloween Party? He plays on "Desert", and in an interview Paul claims it was an old recording of him and Roland playing together.

It was. It had organ, and if I'm not mistaken it was Roland playing the organ.

There's this song on it, called "Rubber Suit"... and I can't figure this out. It's listed as a "traditional" medley, and the track title even has Japanese text behind it. What arrangement is this based off of, exactly?

Well, that was just a way of opting out of trying to figure out who really wrote it. Am I in trouble? [laughs] It's actually a cover of a Godzilla movie theme. We just thought it was a great cover, we figured it being Halloween and all, or whatever... [laughs] It's based on the rising moments in the series, I've not seen most of them but it's a fairly recognizable theme to hear if you have ever seen them. Paul had a Godzilla soundtrack CD, and there's a name for that song... but that's what those symbols are. How were we supposed to figure that out? We didn't have anybody to translate it for us! [laughs] I mean, call it "traditional" just so we won't get sued!

Was there anything cut out of the Halloween show that isn't on the disc? Because you did say that some of the material was rehearsals...

All of the basic song structures are there on the album. We have, I think, five full versions of the show, though, and each one is different. But those were the songs. They're in an order, that's a specific order.

One thing I noticed about the artwork, and I noticed it right off because I'm a big Melvins fan... your artwork was done by Mackie, Buzz Osborne's wife.

[laughs] It was.

And the first thing I thought when I saw the layout was, what the hell is this...

[laughs harder]

And I couldn't tell if there was a specific tie to it, I saw the pictures but some of the song titles were mixed in with them, and then there's a cornucopia...

We did suggest the symbol of the cornucopia... and also the backwards image of the recycle symbol. That was about the main input of us on the artwork.

I like the little promotional shot that you guys did for the Ipecac site for the band.

Oh, I think that might've been taken with a little Instamatic camera.

It looked like something you guys had lying around and just sent it to the label and said, "here, use this"...

[laughs] You hit the nail on the head with that one. Actually, I think it was one of those... you know, postage-sized, sticky picture cameras? It was one of those.

What was the New Year's party setup like? Similar to the Halloween set?

Yes. There was a table, a laptop\u2014which I only used to record the show, no other reasons\u2014a bunch of CD players; we made all these discs with different noises on them... stuff written on them so we knew what some things vaguely were. I think we had an Akai 5000 or something to trigger samples. We each had a mixing board... a bunch of effects, a keyboard, a bass. I had a sax, a couple of drums. Oh, and as loud of a PA as we could carry with us.

You said that the second album is finished, so... how long is New Year's Eve Party going to be?

About 35 minutes.

One person on our forum was curious as to know why it got delayed. I mean, you've told me you're both busy, and that's a big factor in it of course, but are there other reasons?

Yeah, that has a lot to do with it. Money has a lot to do with it, plus he lives in L.A. now. Did you know he and I had started a whole new third [Pink Anvil] album before he moved? Got it all fleshed out... it was actually like, a whole studio album. I mean, it's another 40 minutes of stuff, only two interludes and the rest are full-on songs. Pretty cool. But it's just a bunch of outlines. Barker says he wants to finish it, but I haven't really seen any action. Anyway, New Year's Eve Party just needs to get some artwork on it, and I imagine Barker might want it mastered.

Another person wanted to know what New Year's Eve Party sounded like.

Halloween Party was just being kinda goofball, scary stuff, and stuff that made us laugh. But New Year's Eve Party sort of has a little bit more of a storyboard to it, kind of.


Well yeah, in a way. You know, a New Year's Eve. It's about the death/rebirth process. The first part of the album is meant to sort of imply dying, the middle part of the record is something like heaven or hell or in-between, and then the third part of the record being reborn and going home drunk-driving.


Yeah. I wonder if anyone got that out of it?

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