Revolting Cocks

Lyrics to Revolting Cocks releases:

What's with the name? Al and a bunch of his friends were in a bar and were being too rowdy.
The bartender kicked them out, calling them a bunch of Revolting Cocks.

The band started out with a serious attitude, but soon after Richard 23 (Front 242) left,
the band became a big parody.

I asked Richard 23 why he left, and he didn't really want to comment.
The reason may be over a single dispute. The single in question is You Often Forget.

Many well-known musicians took part in a few albums, such as Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy) and Trent Reznor (NIN)..
Trent never worked with RevCo, but has toured with them in the past...
As has Kirk Hammett from Metallica - he played live bass once.

Al Jourgenson (original member)
Luc Van Acker (original member)
Richard 23 (original member)
Paul Barker
Roland Barker
William Rieflin
Chris Conelly
Duane Buford
Sean Joyce
Louis Svitek
Mike Scaccia
Jeff Ward (RIP)


Big Sexy Land
1985 Wax Trax! Records


1. 38
2. We Shall Cleanse This World
3. Attack Ships On Fire
4. Big Sexy Land
5. Union Carbride (West Virginia Version)
6. TV Mind
7. No Devotion
8. Union Carbride (Bhophal Version)
9. You Often Forget (Malignant)
10. Attack Ships.. (12" Version)
11. On Fire (12" Version)
12. No Devotion (12" Version)

You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch
1987 Wax Trax Records

1. You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch
2. Cattle Grind
3. We Shall Cleanse The World
4. 38
5. In The Neck
6. You Often Forget
7. TV Mind
8. Union Carbride
9. Attack Ships On Fire
10. No Devotion

This is live.

This was originally released as a full length video which is now out of print.
The video to Attack Ships On Fire (title taken from a quote in the movie Blade Runner)
is taken from the original video.

The video to Attack Ships On Fire can be seen on the
Black Box Video Collection from Wax Trax!

Stainless Steel Providers (Single)
1988 12" Wax Trax Records

1. Stainless Steel Providers
2. At The Top
3. TV Mind Remix

(Let's Get) Physical - Single
1989 Wax Trax Records

1. (Let's Get) Physical
2. (Let's Talk) Physical

Beers, Steers and Queers
1990 Wax Trax Records

1. Beers, Steers + Queers
2. (Let's Get) Physical
3. In The Neck
4. Get Down
5. Stainless Steel Providers
6. Can't Sit Still
7. Something Wonderful
8. Razor's Edge
9. (Let's Talk) Physical

Al's point of repeating a 2 second sample for 12 minutes on (Let's Talk) Physical
was to make fun of remixes.

(Let's Get) Physical was originally a cover of Olivia Newton-John's pop hit by the same name.
However, due to copyright restricition RevCo could not put this out.

Skinny Puppy's Nivek Ogre appears on this album with the vocals to Get Down
and can be seen on the video to Stainless Steel Providers on the Wax Trax Box Video Collection.

Beers Steer and Queers Remixes - Single
1991 Wax Trax Records

1. Beers, Steers and Queers (Drop Your Britches Mix)
2. Beers, Steers and Queers (Take 'em Right Off Mix)
3. Stainless Steel Providers (Live)
4. Public Image (Live)

Public Image is a cover from Johnny Rotten's band, PIL.

Crackin' Up (Single)
1991 Wax Trax Records

1. Crackin' Up (Video Edit)
2. Crackin' Up (Amylnitrate Mix)
3. Gila Copter (Version 2)

I have seen this video on many music stations - Beavis and Butthead air it too!

What's in the bag? What's in the bag? Crack Rock and shit!
Custom made, custom blown. Makes You Go Crazy, Crazy...

Linger Ficken Good
1993 Devotion Records

1. Gila Copter
2. Creep
3. Mr. Lucky
4. Crackin' Up
5. Sergio
6. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
7. The Rockabye
8. Butcher Flower's Woman
9. Dirt
10. Linger Ficken' Good

Timothy Leary (RIP) does the spoken word on Gila Copter.
The video to Da Ya Think I'm Sexy gets banned but exists on officially released video compilations. The video is hilarious and features Scott Ian from Anthrax.

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy is a cover of Rod Stewart's classic by the same name.
Apparantly, Stewart, who made quite a bit of money from the royalties, liked the cover.

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Single)
1993 Wax Trax Records

1. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
2. Sergio Guitar
3. Wrong Sexy Mix

I have seen the standard version of this around, but there does exist a version of
the single in a see through plastic cover with KY Jelly.


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