Lead Into Gold

Paul Barker's 'solo' side-project.


Paul Barker (vocals/guitar?/bass)
Al Jourgensen (vocals?/guitar)
Stuart "Bang" Zechman (guitar)
William Rieflin (drums)


Chicks, Speed: Futurism


1. Faster Than Light
2. The Stripper
3. Beauty
4. Idiot
5. Blackened Heart
6. Hatred

Came as various versions of format and as the EP Idiot.

The promo single for "Faster Than Light" was released which included an unreleased edit of the song.

Age Of Reason
1990 Wax Trax Records

1. Age Of Reason
2. Unreason
3. Snake Oil
4. A Giant On Earth
5. Faster Than Light
6. Lunatic / Genius
7. Sweet Thirteen
8. Fell From Heaven
9. 13

Faster Than Light appears on the Wax Trax Black Box

Lyrics are available for both Chicks & Speed and Age of Reason.
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