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An industrial icon, Ministry is just one of the bands on the soundtrack on Street Sk8r 2. Paul Semel sat down and spoke with band mates Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker about the game, as well as their upcoming album as Revolting Cocks.
Your song "10/10" is in the new skatebord game Street Sk8r 2. Did you let them have that song because you were a fan of the first
Paul: Honestly, we'd never heard of the game before. The video game people asked permission to use that song, and our management set
it up.
Do you guys play video games?
AL: I'm a really big hockey fan, so I'm always looking for new hockey games. I play a Playstation at home and on the road.
Have you guys loaned your songs to any other games?
Paul: We've had songs on a couple of others, but, to be honest, we don't know which ones.
Are there any video games you wish you had done a song for?
AL: I wouldn't mind a song on a hockey game. It would be great if there was a hard check and one of our songs came on.
When you guys play games, do you actually listen to the music or do you turn it off?
Paul: That depends what is being played. If it sounds good, I listen. But if it sucks, well, I mute it!
You guys are currently working on a new album as Revolting Cocks, which is basically Ministry with guests. Is it a prerequisite for RevCo guests to be video game players?
Paul: No, no - they are musicians and that's what is important.
So what musicians will be on the new RevCo album?
Paul: That's a secret!

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