outburn article

I have typed up some snippets from the Outburn magazine which features Ministry on the cover.

The interview was conducted by Rev. Moose, and was with Paul Barker.

I have only typed out some of the questions and not the whole interview.

Q: The new record...first of all the title, Darkside of the spoon - obviously a drug reference.
Barker: It is one...sure.

Q:Is there a meaning behind it that I'm missing? It's a play on words...
Barker: There's a pun...there's the obvious historic musical reference there, of course.

[skipping a few questions]

Q: How would you feel if someone like Weird Al Yankovich covered a Ministry song?
Barker: I don't know. Yeah, whatever....they can do that. People have covered out music.

[some more questions after...]

Q: Would you consider yourself a rock star?
Barker: I don't know. I don't really think about it. Occasionally people recognize me.
That's nice. I get recognized in the airport every once in a while and that's fun.
I don't shirk away from my duty of saying hello to somebody and asking their name.

Q: Have you found any baby bands you would want to take under your wing, maybe on tour with you?
Barker: That's a good question. Recent bands that I like, that haven't been disbanded,
well I haven't heard their last couple of releases, but I really dug that Girls against Boys record from '94.

[a few questions back...]

Q: What are some of the craziest Ministry rumors you've heard?
A: I don't know...Al's death?

Some other interesting notes about the interview:

Barker says that they may release some Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters
material (which is to sound like '60s country music).

A new Revco has also been talked about, but nothing has been done about it.

Barker likes Filth Pig a lot (as does his circle of friends) and he knows
that it has recieved dissapointed comments by the fan-base.
He says "I think musically, Filth Pig is really cool."


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