Here is the translation I got of the latest French 
article on ministry - it's pretty hard to follow at 
times, but a lot of it makes sense. The best part is 
how LARD has been translated into BACON.

I got the link from your July 5th 2004 news post about
french speakers and premonition magazine. 

-- docbenway July 29 2004

It will have been necessary only a small year (and 
some months) for that Al Jourgensen and his Ministry 
reappear to the big day with a ninth album, "House of 
the Molé", that risks in to leave more of an on the 
tile so the violence and the power that perspire of 
these nine new titles comes to dig into with sadisme 
in the rich arsenal sonique of the Confederate 
sextuor.  A sly brutality that contrast with the 
expression fellow of an Al Jourgensen relaxed and 
always so courteous.  Cap on the head, black glasses 
of rock musician and low long on the arms to mask 
some old scars of an at last past time, it talks 
about us his new Ministry look, of his album, america 
and of his friend W.  

"It some had a little laughs turns, it has kids of 
which it wanted a little more to take care, brief it 
inhaled to a life a quieter little, a family life 
what."  The person of which speaks Al Jourgensen, no 
without a certain affection in voice is not other 
that Paul Barker, bass player of Ministry and alter 
ego since 1988 and the album "The Land of Rape and 
Honey".  His departure of central duet at the end of 
the turn "Animositisomina" could do to fear the worse 
one so his presence in the principal bosses-d one' 
œuvre than are "The Mind I's has Terrible Thing to 
Taste" (89) and "Psalm 69" (92) was tangible.  An 
emptiness that has not nevertheless the air to worry 
the leader of the group: "You know, Ministry existed 
during more than six years before Paul does not 
rejoin me; I know this that that does to compose 
without him, suddenly I do not feel too destabilized 
by his absence.  And then his departure gave me the 
occasion of not poorly to modify the line-up of the 
group with notably it arrived from John Climbs (ex-
M.O.D., MindFunk -editor's note) to the low one, or 
the one of Mark Baker (former fear -editor's note) to 
the battery.  That brings novelty and expenses 
something to Ministry."  A relay passage obviously 
successful since far to increase the long gestations 
of albums to which ones Jourgensen and its sbires had 
us during so a long time accustomed, this mini-
révolution within the Texan combo delivers here and 
now of a new opus and this, to pains more of a year 
after "Animositisomina".  But there is not the alone 
reason of this rushes creative awakening: "indeed, I 
am not anymore of the all heroin addict.  Before, I 
thought only to break me, I was completely H.S. while 
today I feel a lot better, I can hold the turns, the 
recordings, the promo, etc.  This sevrage completely 
refreshed me and suddenly I put back myself to 
compose well more quickly."  The result of this that 
resembles a new departure is baptized "House of the 
Molé" and rings of a brutality and of an intensity 
marking, as to the most beautiful days of a certain 
one "Psalm 69".  "This is an album very guitar.  This 
is besides another reason for which Paul left the 
group.  Him itself interesting more and more to the 
programming and to the electronic music and me 
orienting me towards always more of scratch, our 
separation became then inevitable.  But it is true 
that "House of the Molé" can be considered as the 
logical consequence of "Psalm 69".  For example, the 
opening song, No W, is in a way the continuation of 
N.W.O..  On this last one, one had samplé a speech of 
dad Bush and on this one, this is the fiston that 
itself there sticks… there is a real link between the 
two.  There is also it title WTV that is a 
continuation of TVII and TVIII (the latter is located 
on the max "Just One Set up" -editor's note).  
Indeed, one would have just as well been able to call 
it TVIV…".  As for the symbolic one of the "W", 
present in each of the entitled ones of the nine 
pieces, it does not be necessary to be going to look 
for well far.  "That's all agreed an allusion to our 
well-loved president George W. Bush.  But one also 
there can see the initial ones of World War, of World 
Wide Web, brief of all this that does our world in 
this millennium beginning".  

George W. Bush, that there is, the word is loosened.  
For if it there has well a subject on which Al 
Jourgensen became inexhaustible, this of course the 
one of the American president, "Doubles u" 
(pronounce "Debya"!) as it nicknames it, and on his 
administration.  "This guy flew the elections, left 
to do the war in Iraq and today it succeeded dividing 
the america in two.  This is really a shame.  And 
unfortunately, I believe that it completely able to 
iron for a second mandate.  If this is the case, I 
leave to install myself to Canada and I swear you 
that I will do it!".  A paradoxical position for the 
leader of Ministry that lives exactly to the Texas, 
Bush fief Junior "Frank, I have sometimes the feeling 
to be a military officer that would sleep well beyond 
its lines, straight in the camp enemy!  This strange 
one so much more than I have a lot of friends over 
there that bear Bush and that do not go counts of 
nothing.  That gives place to big discussions during 
which ones I try to convince them that this is an 
enfoiré, that it faked the elections, that it looks 
for his profit in all this merde and that it does not 
be necessary especially to reelect it, but nothing 
does not there do.  I believe this says that a change 
can come thanks to the youth of this country."  A 
change?  Again it would be necessary that this youth 
in which Jourgensen and of others place so many hope 
is interested a so be little to the political 
one.  "You know, there is at our place an association 
that is called  His first goal is to 
awaken the political consciences with many young ones 
that prefer to burst themselves to listen music and 
to go to concerts rather than to go to the ballot 
boxes.  And I believe that this is an average voucher 
to attract the attention of the kids towards the 
political consequences that a W. reelection Bush 
would not lack to cause.  This is for that that I 
supports  Besides, at the time of our 
next one turned to the States, there will be 
information stands and of discussions to which ones I 
will take myself leaves also often as possible.  I 
will be even ready to sign any autograph provided 
that the kids promise me to be going to vote."  

Henceforth ridded of its drug problems, Al itself 
would it feel to be born engagement vague desires 
political?  It is necessary to believe that yes if 
one some believes the inflammatory letter that this 
one addressed to Richard Hayne, founder and slave 
over very protested chain of stores of dress Urban 
Outfitters that had edited there is some months of 
that a t shirt proudly proclaiming that "to vote was 
for the old one"!  Of there to consider Jourgensen as 
a desirous shepherd to put back its ewes in the 
process of "Jackasserie" in the right way, there is 
only a step.  A step that the punk American alternate 
intelligentsia seems to have decided to cross 
preferring this time to take the bull by the horns 
rather than to be done a second times to gore by the 
cow-boy of the White House.  Under the aegis of is in fact appeared some weeks ago the 
first volume of the compilation "Rock Against Bush".  
A compilation on which Ministry figures in good 
company since Pennywise, D.O.A., Offspring, Social 
Distortion, NOFX or Sum 41 between other are equally 
on the part… If one adds thereto other organizations 
to the similar goal as Rock the Vote or Music for 
America, the legendary engagements politics of Jello 
Biafra (Dead Kennedys) with the Green Party, or the 
country of Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. to covet theOf 
California, it is striking to see to which not at all 
the symbolic one of the term "punk" kept all sound 
feels on the other side atlantic.  "I believe that 
the American punk movement is different of the 
English wave of the end of the years 70.  Them 
screamed "future no" and wanted all to destroy, while 
we, one does not want to destroy, but to the opposite 
to construct.  There is the whole difference".  Fresh 
and offended as an adolescent one, inflated to pad by 
this new adventure, this is a new Al Jourgensen that 
prepares itself to be going to defend on the roads 
this new album hargneux and vindictive to the title 
for the less énigmatique.  "Indeed, the molé a 
Mexican sauce hyper spiced with chili that to the 
characteristic to be of a black oil.  It was 
therefore a wink d' œit perfect for our friends of 
the White House (laugh).  As for the title in 
himself, "House of the Molé", this is an allusion to 
the "House of the Holy" of Led Zeppelin, the one of 
my favorite groups".  Follower of games of words 
pulled by the hair (the homage to Exploited Annoy and 
Siolence or "Dark Side of the Spoon" for Pink Floyd), 
the leader of Ministry always excelled in this 
exercise of trains going even until to resume the 
improbable one (Lay Lady Lay of Dylan), see the 
unthinkable one (the hilarious relecture of the Da Ya 
Think I'm Sexy of Rod Stewart with the one of its 
side-projectsThe return of Da Ya Think I'm Sexy did 
not be frank a homage.  But it appears that Rod 
Stewart heard it and the has well liked, then… But 
this that is funny with this title this is that this 
became a true tube in the strip-tease cans to the 
States.  I remember that once one hallucinated.  One 
quietly was drinking a glass when suddenly one was 
said "Merde!  This is RevCo that is passing and there 
is a nana that is in the process of itself désaper on 
our title!".  It was surrealist…".  And since the 
fellow speaks side-projects, inevitable entities in 
the nébuleuse Ministry, it was interesting knowledge 
where some were exactly Revolting Cocks, Bacon and 
associates.  "Put to leaves RevCo and Bacon, I 
stopped all my other projects as 10000 Homo DJ's for 
example.  That takes me a lot too much times and I 
prefer today to concentrate me on two or three 
things, not more.  A Bacon album is in preparation 
and the new Revolting Cocks and finished.  It will be 
obscene, salts, shocking and misogynous.  As the 
others what (laugh) !!!".  

Sacred Al, always so mischievous!  So mischievous 
that it not nothing found of better to joke than to 
organize on the official site of the group a cat with 
Al zawahiri, founder of the Islamic jihad egyptian 
and accused in the terrorist attempts of the American 
embassies to Dar Are Salaam (Tanzania) and Nairobi 
(Kenya).  "Evidently, it was for déconner… In reality 
the cat were with me, but my patronyme "Al" suits 
rather well with names as Al zawahiri, Al qaida or 
Good Al-Zaira… then of course, that did not really do 
to laugh the people of the FBI but I troubles.  Of 
all manner, I believe that they have me since a small 
times end in their collimator, then…"


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