Interview With Terry Bones

Well, not really an interview, but way back in May of 2000, Terry Bones, who played with Ministry back in the early 90s, was kind enough to send some answers to questions via email.

As for the MP3's,I think it's a real rip off to the artists and the bands that take time to record the albums,etc....I think if people want to hear the music,they should be fair and but it themselves.

I am currently in the band the Anti-Hero's, and am with my original band Discharge from the UK,and am going back over there the end of this month to finish recording our new album with all of the original members.

Growing up my musical influences were the Damned,UK SUBS,Sex Pistols,all English stuff,as for gutar players,my main influence as Nicky Garret from the UK Subs.I really idolized him.

As for how I met and hooked up with Ministry, I met them when I lived in Chicago through my wife at the time,that worked at Wax Trax.

They approached me due to my experience,and I accepted. I played with them for about 3 years (on and off), doing Revco and Lard, played with them on several albums and a video.

As for funny stories about the band, Al couldn't control me with his drugs like the rest off the little boys in the band. He used drugs to manipulate and control,and I was not going to be one of his little slaves or "boy toys". I finally decided it was better to go on about my own projects than stay with the band,so I left when it got a little to METAL for me.I left around 1993 or 94, whenever the Lollapoooza tour was up.If you need any mre info,e-mail back.Thanks. Terry


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