A Tribute To Ministry Vol 1: Wish You Were Queer

This is the first of a 2 CD set regarded as the Ministry Tribute Albums Collection released through Invisible Records. Part two is Another Prick In The Wall.

Out now in the U.S., this album is a collection of Ministry covers.
Bands include PIG, Trust Obey, Hate Dept., Not Breathing and more.

The album is out on Invisible Records - catalog number: INV 150

01. Meg Lee Chin - Scarecrow
02. PIG - Just Like You
03. TRS-80 - Everyday Is Halloween
04. Here - Lay Lady Lay
05. Hate Dept - Effigy
06. Julian Beeston - The Angel (Shining Mix)
07. The Hardgore Cadaverdog Sexslaves - Tonight We Murder
08. Eco-Hed - The Isle Of Man
09. Death Ride 69 - Burning Inside (Drum Fetish Megamix)
10. Meathead - Say You're Sorry
11. Trust Obey vs. Paved In Skin - Revenge
12. Not Breathing - Crash And Burn

The first verion to Trust Obey's cover of Revenge can be found on a CD called Tacklebox O' Fun


With the CD from Invisible Records, came a postcard, that if mailed back you could get
a piece of the live stage used during the Ministry 1989-90 tour.
Each piece is/was to be numbered and authenticated.

Unfortunately, it was later discovered (sometime in '02-'03) that the offer was a hoax.
Ministry still has the cage.. intact. This was later confirmed by members close to the Ministry camp.

(The image of the postcard can be seen below)

The picture was taken at a club called Mississippi Nights in St. Louis on the 89-90 tour.
It's a small club that holds about 1000 people.


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