Linger Ficken Good!

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  1. Gila Copter
  2. Creep
  3. Crackin' Up
  4. Rockaby
  5. Mr. Lucky
  6. Sergio
  7. Do ya Think I'm Sexy?
  8. Butcher Flower's Woman
  9. Dirt
  10. Linger Ficken Good!


Gila Copter

     Hey kids!
     You want a soundtrack that's gonna make you feel tense?
     Let you express your frustration?
     Make ya scared, wanna run out and buy a gun?
     You're looking for another rock'n'roll record that'll make you
     feel like a victim.
     You're like a victim - you love to be a victim.
     You love the United States prime time victim show.
     Hey, bells, helicopters, machine guns.
     Listen to that! Listen to that!
     Kill for Allah. Kill for Jesus.
     1980´s shit - turn it down.
     Tone it down

     Hey! Listen to me!
     All that 1980s shit is over.
     Brothers and sisters - we'll turn the volume down.
     Brothers and sisters - we're gonna shut down this mechanical
     that makes us feel like victoms.
     Take those machine guns, and turn 'em down.
     Yeah. Turn off those cop shows.
     Listen to those helicopters, listen to the sirens.
     Makin´ ya feel nervious, and anguish.
     1980s shit - turn it down.
     Tone it down.
     Now I ask you -
     I ask you in quiet tone of voice:
     Is the helicopter a machine of pleasure?
     Is the helicopter a love machine?
     Turn it on.
     Silence those church bells.
     Fuck the sirens.
     Lets have some quiet, quiet silence
     Yeah.. Yeah... I wanna hold you close.
     You wanna hold someone close.
     Hey. We wanna- we wanna feel good!
     I wanna make you laugh.
     Turn down that victom shit.
     Oh yeah. Yeah thats better.
     Hey- we wanna look each other in the eye.
     Doing a high-five.
     When I whisper. When I whisper it sorta stings in your ear.
     I wanna tremble your earbones.
     Open your trembling earbones.
     Turn that helicopter off baby!
     We will not be angry victoms no more!
     We're gonna- we're gonna say yeah...
     Turn it off! Turn it off!
     Turn that helicopter down!
     We're gonna say yeah. We're gonna say yeah.
     We're gonna say yeah. We're gonna make it all.
     We're God!
     We're gonna have a moment of silence now.

     Turn down the machines.
     Turn down the helicopter.
     Turn down the prime time.
     Shut those guns down.
     Yeah. yeah...
     Isn't that better?



     Nail my soul to the bathroom wall
     Kicking and screaming for the ? call
     Reinvented through a ?
     But yours ?  back in ? 

     Who's the stranger at the basement door
     Creepy-crawl crying out "I want more"
     When I was little ?, I liked throwing dice
     Daddy's little diatribe felt like ice

     How so
     As the creature's grow
     Who's the boss?
     Now the creature's lost
     Strike trade
     ? get's made
     Back burn
     Where's the creature turn

     Creep's still playing with a fork and knife
     Killing himself to lead a sheltered life
     Murder the custom and catholic ?
     Looking useless to everyone

     Defending that language to the 
     Locking my door ? so I can breathe
     Take me a taste of what you're biting back
     Catch your religeon ? paint it black

     How so
     As the creature's grow
     Who's the boss?
     Now the creature's lost
     Strike trade
     ? get's made
     Back burn
     Where's the creature turn?
     repeated x 5

Crackin' Up

     God created both of us
     And really wanted life right
     You've been lookin' for a life
     But you got to get high
     You can't help but steal from your family and friends
     Our flames grow ignorant
     And a means to an end
     (End, end, end, end)

     Crackin' up! x3

     You rushed right through me
     You must destroy yourself to get old
     I've got to get one of these trees
     Right back to me
     Well, it must be the chemistry
     The sexual pace of the human race
     With dynamite guns and loaded runs
     Look at me, I'm high on life

     Crackin up!
     Crackin up!
     Crackin up!

     Well I warned you once, and I warned you twice and the next time
     I tell you I ain't gonna be so nice!
     You better listen up and you better listen close.
     Cuz the world is crackin up just like a broken piece of wood
     You got your rats in the desert on an empty piece of sand
     Gonna blow each other up for what's under the sand
     So you grab a little pipe and it'll take it all away, but the
     world's still crackin and ain't nothin gonna change!

     Crackin up! (x4)
     Crackin up! (fading)


     Do or die
     It's a rockabye
     Come on over mine tonight
     Do or die
     It's a rockabye
     Come on over mine tonight

     Get your filthy hands off my ice cream
     Put your filthy mind in my hands
     When you open your mouth it's a smokescreen
     And nobody understands

     And I can see you through my windows
     Collecting dirt outside
     Moving in circles with feathers and bones
     Diseased and paralysed

     Do or die
     It's a rockabye
     Come on over mine tonight
     Do or die
     It's a rockabye
     Roll on over mine tonight

     I licked my way to heaven,
     I broke my arms for worse
     I want to go where fever flows
     And spiders go to church

     Barking up the wrong leg
     Spitting at your friends
     Your filthy hands forever stained
     The rockabye defends

     Do or die
     It's a rockabye
     Roll on over mine tonight
     Do or die
     It's a rockabye
     Roll on over mine tonight
     Do or die
     It's a rockabye
     Roll on over mine tonight
     Do or die
     It's a rockabye
     Roll on over mine tonight

Mr. Lucky

     Hey, did I see you at the sizzler last night?
     I never heard of them. Do you have change for a dollar?
     No, but I'll bet that dress is real expensive.
     Its too cold, and I can't stand salty stuff.
     Let me get that for ya baby.
     You should speak to my room-mate. She owns two of them.
     Ever seen one of these before?
     You're shorter than me!
     You're shorter than me.

     Mr Lucky just hit the street, and he's lookin for something
     He's gonna steal himself a cop car, cheap ass blow, and a bite
     to eat.
     "I'm gonna score me a b.p. vest
     Pimp my intellect and burn the rest
     Cut a few scars in the life story bar
     Get a big load off my chest..."

     "Don't you know I got two things on my mind.
     First one's nothing, second's woman kind!
     Introduce me to the fox with goldie locks, and mama bear's behind.
     A black cat's crossed your path.
     Valentino and psychopath
     Claw me in the light of the stars tonight
     Drown me in your bath...

     With her back against the record machine,
     She's a 4am beauty queen
     If I throw a six she's mine tonight
     Undressed and seventeen 
     Who's that lucky guy? He's got the devil in his eye
     Rings on his fingers and an empty glass and a queen with a big surprise...

     Mr Lucky just hit the deck, with the liquor in full effect,
     Lend me an ear and a shot and a beer and I'll pay with a third-party check,
     Hey, what's the matter with you, man?
     You gonna burn me catch as catch can
     Throw him a bone and he'll leave you alone
     Don't blink he's a lucky man...

     Disco! Disco-mystic!


     Wet/hate hands admitted,
     Through dead nails,
     All splitting sand...
     Underneath it's strychnine
     Winds that change are never seen,
     Beasts that back to the wall and cry,
     Best of the hopeless never die.

     For gods' sake forget to speak,
     Miles of what you've got to eat...

     Terminal, the playgroup says,
     Off to the side with an average,
     Blaming the dolls like heretics,
     Apostles or inebriates.

     Hold on tight,
     We're going to wake,

     Laugh to death
     For pities sake,

     Framed for crimes that are never sold
     Lies and secrets never been told,
     Look just like the two of us,
     Standingat the terminus.

Da Ya think I'm Sexy?

     She sits alone, waiting for sugestions
     He so nervous, avoiding all the questions
     His lips are dry, her heart's gently pounding
     Don't you just know exactly what they're thinking?

     If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, c'mon sugar let me
     If you really need me, just reach out and touch me, c'mon honey
     tell me so!

     He's acting shy, lookin for an answer
     C'mon honey, let's spend the night together
     Now hold on a minute, before we go much further
     Give me a buck, so I can buy a rubber
     They catch a cab to his high-rise apartment,
     At last he can tell her exactly what his heart means

     If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, c'mon honey tell me
     If you really need me, just reach out and touch me, c'mon sugar
     let me know!

     Woof woof!

     His heart's beating like a drum, cuz at last he's got this girl
     Ohhh... Relax baby, now we're all alone.

     They wake at dawn, while all the birds are singin.
     Two total strangers, but that aint what they're thinking
     Outside it's cold, it's misty and it's raining
     They've got eachother, neither one's complaining
     He says I'm sorry but I'm out of KY jelly
     Never mind sugar, we can catch the early movie

     If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, c'mon sugar let me
     If you really need me, just reach out and touch me, c'mon honey
     tell me so!

Butcher Flower's Woman

     Butcher flower's woman
     She did what she could
     Nothing beyond
     What a good girl would
     Did you take the bait?
     Oh, woman, did you take that bait?

     When you fell like the butchered
     Onto slabs wide open
     Cut a fresh new life
     All that pale blue broken
     Did you choke on your fist?
     Oh, woman, did you take that bait?

     I made an appointment
     Do you want to take her
     Don't call it by name;
     Were you that impressed?
     Oh, baby, that makes two of us.

     Did you make an appointment?
     Were you that impressed?
     Did you take what you needed
     And kill the rest?

     You ought to take a leaf
     Out of daddy's book
     All blood and petals
     Hanging from a meat hook
     'Cos she who breathes last
     Or not at all
     Hounding acrobats
     With sabre and tongs
     Curse the bastard eyes
     With a rag you stole
     From a bleeding butcher boy's empty hole


     Victims burn in the atmosphere
     Breaking our back to get down here
     I took a hand on a switcher?
     Trying to run, keep your hands off
     Noone's better at doin' my work
     Make me feel like dirt
     You cross the line, took my freak-show
     How the hell was I to know

     Take the flowers out of night-sticks
     Don´t break nothing you can´t fix
     Pull the body beneath my face
     Probably something you can´t fix
     Someone circling someone's eye
     Pulled the wings off a butterfly
     ? the handle into reverse
     Just like you did it on purpose

     Everybody is faceless
     Stone cold and stateless
     Form? a line to redemption
     To re-increase the tension
     Grab a gun while they're still hot
     Well if you like it or not
     Dream a negative dream for me
     Adjust a hand over free

Linger Ficken Good!

     Finger Lickin´ Good
     Finger Lickin´ Good
     Finger Lickin´ and not fried
     Finger Licking Good
     This is porno for your mind, porno for your crotch
     It's family entertainment!
     This is actually true stuff folks
     We couldn't write anything this crazy
     You're all sickos
     You're all sickos
     Finger Lickin´ Good (x8)
     I want the same stuff
     Finger Lickin´ Good
     Finger Lickin´ Good
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Linger Ficken´ Good
     Bill-Bill Reiflin
     Linger Ficken´ Good
     Paul-Paul Barker
     Linger Ficken´ Good
     Al-Hypo Luxa
     Linger Ficken´ Good
     Chris-Chris Connelly!
     Linger Ficken´ Good
     Luc Van Acker-Luc Van Acker
     Linger Ficken´ Good
     Name that Cock!

     Revolting Cocks
     Yeah,thats who I work for right now.
     Now I must be really hard-up to work for some muthafuckas with a
     name for a group like that
     You know what I'm talkin' bout?
     Yeah, yeah, I know Paul, Paul, yeah
     You know but see, yeah, ya'll may know him by other names
     Hermes, Pan, Ion, You know mmm ton of shit
     Sperm bank
     I didn't know he had nothing in him
     Thought he shot blanks
     On man crime raid ah-ha!
     Muthafucka should be in jail
     Stupid muthafucka
     You know what I'm talkin´ about?
     Mikey, yeah I know Mikey
     Guitar playin' muthafucka
     You know, he can't play worth shit as far as I'm concerned
     I play better than him
     You know and I try to play keyboards
     You know
     Fuck that guitar playin´ son of a bitch
     Can suck my muthafuckin´ dick
     Luc? Luc Van Acker?
     You know, ya'll might know him by Gumby
     You know Gumbelina, Dumbelina
     Homo-belina, I don't know what the fuck
     Fuck that muthafucka
     I can't understand a fuckin word he says
     Grandpa Jougenson?
     Oh I know Grandpa Jourgenson
     Yeah, ya'll might know him by other things
     Punk ass muthafucka
     Hypo Luxa, alien son of a bitch
     Buck Satan; Buck-Buck Satan
     Buck is a scary muthafucker
     Don't fuck with Buck,
     Cuz Buck will fuck you up
     Fuck Buck though
     Yeah, I know Chris too
     You might know him by Scorpio
     Fuck scorpio
     Pinky I like pinky
     Sounds like a little bitch name
     Pinky ha ha ha ha
     Pink pink pink, pink you stink
     I wear pink draws
     Stupid muthaf-
     Bill Reflin
     Yeah I know Bill Reflin
     He play drums
     Try to play drums
     You know, Bill the cat
     That´s what you might know him as, Bill the cat
     He wears like, you know, nice leather jackets
     I'm'a steal one o' them muckafuckin´ jackets from his ass
     I'm gonna steal his drums too
     I know that muthafucka
     He aint shit
     [Come from outa the projects]?
     No talent ass bastard
     Fuck all of 'em
     I'm the only muthafucka with them got some gaddamn talent
     Fuck Paul, Grandpa, Mikey, Luc, Dwayne, Bill
     Kiss my ass

     Who's your favorite Cock?
     I love those Cocks, they turn me on
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     The Revco boys can get it on
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     The Revco Cocks rule the world
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Yippi skippy yin yang yow
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Al, Buck Satan
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Aw Chris, you're bad
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     I like it, oh Mikey
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Luc Van-Luc Van-Luc-Luc Van Acker
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Bill Reflin straight ass muthafuckin´ hoe
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Paul Barker, ride pony!
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Ride that Cock-do
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Mmmm! That feels good
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Any Cock I ever met.
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Walkin down the street.
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     I like Cocks, big and small.
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Black ones, white ones, cherry-striped ones!
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     I'm Revco Pussy Girl!
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     I'll be a Pussy, through and through.
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     I love the Revco Pussy Girls
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Revolting Pussies will hold
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Who's your favorite Cock?
     Who's your favorite Cock?

     It's a Revco world (x14)


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