1000 Homo DJ's

There are two different stories as to how this side-project came about... one is said that it was created through Al's distate of a poor mix of a Revolting Cocks song. Another was through his worry that the final mixes from THE LAND OF RAPE & HONEY would never see the light of day. Whichever story, thus was born that Jim Nash, co-founder of WaxTrax!, confided to him that "a thousand homo DJs would hear it!"
The project was later resurrected to release some tracks from the Mins Is A Terrible Thing To Taste period.

Buck Satan (Al Jourgensen, vocals/guitar/bass)
Ike Krull (Mike Scaccia, guitar)
Wee Willie Reefer (Bill Rieflin, drums)
Officer Agro (Jeff Ward, vocals/drums)
Trent Reznor (vocals/guitar, uncredited)
Viva Nova (vocals)
Count Ringworm (Jello Biafra, vocals)
Temple Of Drool Choir (vocals).


Self Titled EP
1990 Wax Trax Records

1. Supernaut (Black Sabbath Cover)
2. Hey Asshole
3. Apathy
4. Better Ways

Lyrics are available here.
For more release information, go to the Sideprojects Discography.


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