Black Box

This offical German Import contains three CDs and cannot be easily found but is still available.


Over The Shoulder (12" Version)
Isle Of Man (Version II - Non Album Track)
Twitc h(Version II - Non Album Track)
Stigmata (Remix)
Tonight We Murder (Non Album Track)


Burning Inside (12" Remix)
Thieves (12" Remix)
Smothered Hope (Non Album Track)
Jesus Built My Hotrod (Redline/Whiteline Version)


N.W.O. (Extended Version)
Fucked (Non Album Track)
Just One Fix (12" Edit)
Quick Fix (Remix of 'Just One Fix')

Side Notes

On Smothered Hope (which is a Skinny Puppy track on their first album Remission) Nivek Ogre sings although it sounds like Al Jourgensen. They perfomed this when Ogre was on tour with Ministry.

William S. Borroughs (RIP) lays the vocals down on Quick Fix.

If you have this box, you basically have most B-sides from Ministry's singles.


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