OzzFest Tour 2000

- All Dates Cancelled

07/02/00West Palm Beach, FL at Mars Music Amphitheatre - Cancelled
07/04/00Atlanta, GA at Lakewood Amphitheatre - Cancelled
07/06/00Nashville, TN at Starwood Amphitheatre - Cancelled
07/08/00Charlotte, NC at Blockbuster Pavilion - Cancelled
07/10/00Virginia Beach, VA at GTE Virgina Beach Amphitheatre - Cancelled
07/12/00Detroit, MI at Pine Knob - Cancelled
07/14/00Washington DC at Nissan Amphitheatre - Cancelled
07/16/00Pittsburgh, PA at Star Lake Amphitheatre - Cancelled
07/18/00Columbus, OH at Polaris Amphitheatre - Cancelled
07/20/00Cleveland, OH at Blossom - Cancelled
07/22/00Philadelphia, PA at Entertainment Center - Cancelled
07/24/00New York, NY at PNC Bank Arts Center - Cancelled
07/26/00Saratoga Springs, NY at Saratoga Springs PAC - Cancelled
07/29/00Boston, MA at Tweeter Center - Cancelled
07/30/00Boston, MA at Tweeter Center - Cancelled
08/04/00Chicago, IL at The World - Cancelled
08/06/00Milwaukee, WI at Alpine Valley - Cancelled
08/08/00Cincinatti, OH at Riverbend - Cancelled
08/10/00Indianapolis, IN at Deer Creek - Cancelled
08/12/00Minneapolis, MN at Float Rite Park - Cancelled
08/14/00St Louis, MO at Riverport Amphitheatre - Cancelled
08/16/00Kansas City, MO at Sandstone - Cancelled
08/18/00Dallas, TX at Starplex - Cancelled
08/20/00Baytown, TX at Houston Raceway - Cancelled
08/24/00Seattle, WA at The Gorge - Cancelled
08/28/00Sacremento, CA at SAC Valley Amphitheatre - Cancelled
08/30/00Phoenix, AZ at Desert Sky - Cancelled
09/02/00San Bernardino, CA at Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion - Cancelled

All dates on OzzFest 2000 tour were cancelled. Ministry were dropped from the tour when they changed management companies.


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