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This FAQ primarily focuses on Al, Paul and their role in Ministry...

let the games begin...

General Overview Questions
What's with the name?
What are their influences?
Where do the samples come from?
The sound on each album is different!
Is there an official site?
What's Jourgensen's Nationality?
Official Members now?
What movies have their music been in?
Who's the old guy in the "Just One Fix" video (William S. Burroughs)?
Who are the "additional musicians"?
Who's Jim Nash - Filth Pig is in memory of him
Who's Reid Hyams?
Who's Timothy Leary?
Who's Lori Jackson and did Al kill her?
What is "visceral"?
Which album/single sold the most?
What songs do Ministry cover live?
Who are "Hypo Luxa" and "Hermes Pan"?
What's their connection to Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor?
Does Al J. have anything to do with Rob Zombie?
How come "Paisley" isn't on the Soundtrack to Escape From L.A?
Is Al into heroin?
What happened to Jeff Ward? How did he die?
Why was Jeff Ward creditted on Lard's Pure Chewing Satisfaction?
What does Hizbollah mean?
Why was the Revco cover to Olivia Newton-John's hit, Physical (You're So), banned?
Where did the name for Land of Rape and Honey come from?
And Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and The Way To Suck Eggs?
What's behind the meaning of Dark Side Of The Spoon?
Who is William Tucker (RIP)?
Was that Al's wife singing the live vocals to Bad Blood during their '99 tour?
What was the peak period in Ministry's history, as far as success?
Which bands have covered Ministry?

Insight into Al Jourgensen's life

When and where was he born?
When did he start with the guitar?
When did he graduate and where did he go to college?
What kinda stuff did his drug use get him in?
His views on heroin.
What are his opinions on touring?
His views on production?

Interesting Events
What's the story behind "Breathe You Fucker"?
His car?
What did Al do with GWAR?
A Chicken?
Where did the name "The Land Of Rape And Honey" come from?

Overview of the band's history (albums & sideprojects)
First starting out
With Sympathy
Everyday Is Halloween/12" singles (birth of revco)
Land of Rape And Honey
Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up Live
Psalm 69
Filth Pig

The videos

Soundtrack and Compilation Appearances

Side Projects

A more detailed page
1000 Homo Dj's
Acid Horse
Murder Inc.
Revolting Cocks
Lead Into Gold
Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters


General Questions

Q: So, how did the name Ministry come about for the group?

A: Al named the band after the B Movie titled "Ministry of Fear".

Q: What were their influences?

A: Well, Al is a big country fan. In fact, for soundcheck he played
country songs. Al's big conversion point of music was when he saw the
Ramones in concert around 1978 (which Jello Biafra also attended, even
though the two did not know each other)! There is a show on a bootleg entitled
"New Revelations". The show was called the "Bridge School Benefit". The show
was an acoustic set and featured covers of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, etc...

Q: Where are the samples taken from?

A: Take a look at the sample list. They usually sample movies.

Q: How come each album sounds different from each other?

A: Especially from With Sympathy, Twitch to The Mind is A Terrible
Thing To Taste. Al has an open, diverse mind. In fact, one of his side
projects Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters is country.

Q: Is there some kind of an official site?

A: Yes. It's or at .
They have changed the page layout since The Dark Side Of The Spoon was released,
and contains much more information than the last page.

Q: So what country is Al Jourgensen actually from? I hear Swedish, Cuban...

A: Al's mother is Cuban. Jourgensen is a Norwegian name though..

Q: Who are the members now of Ministry?

Al Jourgensen: vocals, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, harmonica, pedal, steel piano, etc..
Paul Barker: bass, vocals, programming
Rey Wesham: keyboards
Louis Svitek: guitar

Q: Which movies feature the music of Ministry?

A: "Hardware" (1990) - Stigmata
"Freejack" (1992) - Thieves
"Tales from the crypt: Demon Knight" (1995) - "Tonight We Murder"
"A Rumble In The Bronx" (1995) - Stigmata
"Escape from L.A." (1995) - Paisley
More are listed under Soundtrack and Various Compilations..

Q: Who's that old guy on the "Just One Fix" video?

A: William S. Burroughs (RIP). Author of the controversial "Naked Lunch" and a
very well known 'beat generation' writer in the sixties. "Just One Fix" is a
song about heroin, and the majority of Burroughs' years were spent writing as
a junkie, so it seems an appropriate collabration. Burroughs also wrote and
sang the lyrics for "Quick Fix" which is featured on the "Just One Fix"
single. He also did the cover for the single.

Q: Where do all these "Additional musicians" come from in Ministry?
A: Nivek Ogre: Skinny Puppy / Ritalin
Martin Atkins: Killing Joke / Pigface / Ritalin
Jello BiAfra: Dead Kennedys / Lard
Chris Connelly: Solo Artist / Fini Tribe
Mike Scaccia: Rigor Mortis
Terry Roberts: (from "In case..."): UK Subs
Roland Barker: Ministry / Revco (Paul's Brother)

Q: Who's "Jim Nash" (Ministry dedicated "Filth Pig" to his memory)
A: The former president and co-founder of Wax-Trax. He's the one
who booked Ministry and allowed them to record. The covers of "With
Sympathy" and "Big SexyLand" (RevCo) were designed by
him. Unfortunately, he passed away on December 1995 of AIDS.

Q: Who's Reid Hyams?

A: Reid Hyams owns Chicago Trax!, which is a studio that Ministry frequently record in.
Al adds to the linear notes odd things such as "Where it's not just a studio,
it's a way of life.".
Interestingly, Hyams' name was the source for the title of Lard's full length album,
"The Last Temptation of Reid", as Chicago Trax! is sometimes called "The Palace Of

Q: Who's Timothy Leary?

A: Timothy Leary was referred to as an "acid guru". In the sixties, he was
known for some of texts: "Roadmap To The Human Mind" and "The Psychedelic
Experience" which is based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
He met Al at a Revolting Cocks show - Al asked him to do spoken word on some
RevCo tracks, and he appears on "Gila Copter" and another alternate version
of the same track. He also appears in the video to "Crackin' Up".
Unfortunately, he passed away due to cancer in 1996. He also invented the
phrase "Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out" which has been misunderstood by many people.

Q: Who is Lorri Jackson and did Al kill her?

A: Lorri was a poet from Chicago who was good friends with Al. She passed away
from a drug overdose (presumably heroin, although this is not confirmed).
Some Chicago newspapers accused Al of being directly involved, not in that he
murdered her but that the both did drugs together. Then rumors went amok about Al
and this big heroin circle that he was allegedly the leader of. Ultimately, the
rumors wound up in the most unlikely of places: Jourgensen's daughter's school!
Kids would say stuff like "My mommy told me that your daddy killed someone last week".
Al said that "that's when it hurt the most".

Q: What is visceral?

A: In several interviews, Ministry uses the word "visceral" to describe it's ideal
(and often unpopular) method of song creation. Visceral means "instinctive".

Q: Which album/single sold the most?

A: Ministry's best selling album is "Psalm 69", which went platinum. Their best
selling single was "Jesus Built My HotRod". When the single was released, it was
Warner Bros. (their record label) best selling single for the year. They record sales
for that single was higher than a single released by Madonna the same year.

What covers have Ministry played live?

A: They have known to play Black Sabbath's "Supernaut" (also a 1000 Homo DJs track),
the Grateful Dead's "Friend Of The Devil", Magazine's "Light Pours Out of Me", and
PiL's "Public Image". Al has been influenced by those bands.
It's also not unusual for Ministry to perform songs from sideprojects, most
frequently from RevCo and Pailhead. At a Neil Young benefit concert for children with
muscular dystrophy, the band played "Lay Lady Lay" (with Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam),
"Friend of The Devil", and "Here They Come" by a band called Ten Years After. "Physical
(You're So)" was covered by Revco live.

Q: Who is "Hypo Luxa" and "Hermes Pan"?

A: There are two "official" versions of this story:
The booklet that comes with the Wax Trax! Black Box says that both
were the monikers of two Greek "fun-loving male prostitutes".
Drawing conclusions from other examples of Al and Paul's humor,
this very well could be authentic. However, it should be pointed out
that Hermes Pan is the name of a Greek musical God, which would explain
Paul Barker's alias. Al, as usual, has a story behind his name.
Apparently, Al got drunk at a party and passed out in back of a car.
When he woke up, the first thing that he saw was a sign that read:
Which still doesn't explain 'Hermes Pan' if that story is true.
Whatever the source, Luxa/Pan Productions is the name of Ministry's
production company.

Also, Hermes Pan was the name of a famous choreographer in the 1940s, although
this may be unrelated.

Q: What's their connection to Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor?

A: Al produced "Get Down Make Love", a Queen cover done by NIN (a B-side on the _Sin_ single).
Apart from that, samples from NIN's "Gave Up" and "Happiness In Slavery" can be heard on Ministry's
"Quick Fix". Trent Reznor also sang on Pigface's "Suck" track and also looped on Pigface's "The

Q: Does Al J. have anything to do with Rob Zombie?

A: No. Nothing. They both look alike, but apart from that, nothing.

Q: Paisley appears on the soundtrack for "Escape from L.A" but I can't
seem to remember if they played the song on the film.

yA: They didn't. Half the songs on "Escape" were never put on the
film. The first half are songs on the movie, the second half are the
songs that inspired the movie. Paisley appears on the second half.

Q: Has Al been a heroin-addict?

A: He has admitted his addiction in the past and said he was trying to combat it.
He also claimed that he is clean.
On his side project's inlay, 1000 Homo DJs, it prints:
"Black Sabbath: more addictive than heroin and pussy!".

Q: How did Jeff Ward pass away and who is he?

A: Jeff Ward helped both Ministry and NIN, as well as being the drummer for
Lard. He commited suicide by locking himself in his car in a his garage and
led a pipe from the car exaust to poison him. He also killed his girlfriend
prior to doing this. Drugs was the main reason.

Q: Why was Jeff Ward creditted on Lard's Pure Chewing Satisfaction?

A: Even though the album was released well after his death, there were still some outtakes
that were recorded with Jeff Ward from before.

Q: Why was the Revco cover to Olivia Newton-John's hit, Physical (You're So), banned?

A: They thought the lyrics to the top 10 hit was perverted, and funny, so Revco covered it.
The original songwriter was noted for disliking the Revco cover and therefore, the song
could not be released. Revco's version of the song on Beers, Steers & Queers is different than
the cover they had originally recorded. However, the original is now being released through
AP's industrial mix.

Q: That song from Land of Rape and Honey, Hizbollah. What does it

A: Hizbollah meaning the party of Allah (Arabic word God) is a militant group from South Lebanon.

Q: How did the name to Psalm 69 come about?

A: The title to Psalm 69 (The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs) is from
Aleister Crowley. "The title is a play on words. The way to suck seed, like
a blow job and suck eggs, you know, a 69. He had it under chapter 69 in his
Book of Lies."

Q: Who is William Tucker (RIP)?

A: He was an excellant musician and mostly played guitars. He has performed with many bands,
including Ministry. He sadly passed away early 1999. He committed suicide because of a long
time disease he unfortunately had. This was just weeks before Ministry went on tour in '99.

Q: The meaning of Dark Side Of The Spoon?

A: This can be seen in three ways: a parody of the Pink Floyd album, Dark Side Of The Moon,
or it can been as a reference to heroin, and maybe even both. Barker has stated that it
is a drug reference.

Q: Was that Al's wife singing the live vocals to Bad Blood?

A: No. He is divorced from Patty (his ex-wife) - that's his girlfriend, Tycoon.

Q: What was the peak period in Ministry's history, as far as success?

A: Probably Psalm 69 era. However, Barker and Jourgensen have a saying: "as Luxa/Pan, their
best songs have not been written".

Q: Which bands have covered Ministry?

A: Primus have played "Thieves" live before. The Fatima Mansions have recorded "Burning Inside", and
Limp Biscuit have covered "Breathe". There is also a CD full of Ministry covers called Wish You Were
Queer, which has been released in 1999 through Invisible Records.

Insight into Al Jourgensen's life

Q: When and Where was he born?

A: Born in Havana, Cuba 1958. His family later moved to Chicago and then Breckenridge, CO.

Q: When did he start with the guitar?

A: At the age of eight his parents bought him an acoustic guitar. "When I was probably 12, I
learned about three chords which is as much as Trent Reznor knows" he stated in an interview.

Q: His education?

A: Graduated at Summit County High School, Frisco, CO in 1976. At college he attended
6 different campuses in Colorado and Illinois. At the University of Chicago, he joined the
Special Affect group which included Frank Nardiello (aka Groovy Man) who later formed
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult.

Q: His druguse problems?

A: Age 14, Al ends up in a Chicago mental hospital for drug use. He is given pot
and free drugs from Doctors and orderlies. He describes the patients as a
bunch of white suburban kids who were just being kids. Al sums up this
experience as "Sex, drugs, and really decent literature." He claims he never
wanted to leave.

Q: His views on heroin?

A: " The main reason I quit heroin is I realized and I used to think it
helped my creativity, but in retrospect, it was cause I didn't really have a
lot of confidence in what I was doing. I still have fun in other ways, I'm
not going to say what or where, but I do it only with things I can control or
moderate. I think a person should try anything. I'm certainly not anti-drug,
but I am anti-slavery. The only problem is I can't do heroin in moderation.
I'll always be an addict with that. I quit for a couple years at a time, but
a lot of things are different this time. First of all, I say 'Never say
never.' But I know it's not necessary for my creative process which is a big

Q: His views on touring?

A: "Eventually when I sell enough units, as they say in the record
business, I will stop touring. I'll concentrate on what I like to do and stay in
the studio." Al says in the Jan-Feb 96 issue of Option Magazine that he has come
to enjoy touring. He used to freak out if something blew up, now he likes the
spontineity of it.

Q: On Production?

A: "The whole production thing we do is based on a punk attitude, because we
don't know what the fuck we're doing. We blow a lot of shit up. Then we'll
remember not to do that, we're like Pavlov's dogs."

Interesting stories

Q: Is there any significance behind the line "Breathe You Fucker" in
their song, Breathe?

A: Yes....During the Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste recording
someone passed out on their vomit and Al was souting "Breath you fucker" at him.
The song then came into shape...

Q: What car does he have?

A: He has this '65 Mustang that he keeps at the Revco World Ranch, in Austin,
and visitors get to drive it. It has bullet holes that Al shot into it!

Q: He had something to do with GWAR, right?

A: He produced The Horror of Yig, off their album "Scumdogs of the Universe". He got
paid by them by being given pizza and some cocaine.

Q: What about the chicken incident and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers?

A: He made a Chillis's remix to which he refers to as "Chicken Shit Mix". That was
going horrible, so according to Santerian tradition you take a live chicken and it will absorb
bad spirits. You then kill this chicken (Al thought this whole thing was pretty pathetic).
So they bought in the chicken, didn't kill it, and fed it popcorn, beer and granola.
The chicken (not Al) runs around the studio shitting everywhere. Al simply erased the channels
it shit on! The chicken was put on a podium with a strobe light between two speakers, and it
started going to the beat, that's when they knew the mix was done. (Al also claims to have
driven motorcycles around in the studio)

Q: Where did the name "The Land Of Rape and Honey" come from?

A: The title was a town motto of Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Rape refers to the rapeseed, the
source of Canola oil. Rape and Honey are the two main products of Tisdale. So, Ministry
got the title for the album from a souvenir coffee mug that Paul Barker found in a thrift
store in Chicago!

Overview of the Band's History

First starting Out

Ministry originally started with Al Jourgensen, an ex-DJ of Chicago at
the time. The band started off around 1980-'81 and "Cold Life" was the
very first single. They were the third band signed onto WaxTrax!
(Strike Under and Divine being the first two).

At this point, Al produced The Blackouts, where he met Paul and Roland
Barker, Bill Reiflin and Mike Scaccia. Paul would become an official member of
Ministry, but not until the Twitch album, and Bill (who has now
quit) would join on drums after Psalm 69. Roland, on the other hand
was a member of the Revolting Cocks (Again, one of Al's side projects)
for a few releases.

With Sympathy

After that, Al left WaxTrax! to join Arista records for the album With
Sympathy, with the help of Stephen George in 1983. It's unknown as to how both
of them met up but Stephen was probably a DJ too. Al is embarrased of this
record and refers to it as an "abortion". He says that he released it
due to the pressure he recieved from Arista at the time. But maybe he
was into that sort of music back then. maybe not. who's to know?
Nevertheless it gave him a big hit for this period titled "Work For

He had enough of the industry bullshit he had been receiving from
Arista Records and gave them exactly what they wanted: a really slow,
sappy version of the Roxy Music song "Same Old Feeling".

Everyday is Halloween/12" Singles

After leaving Arista, he went back to WaxTrax! and was managed by his
then wife, Patty. He released his comeback single "Everyday is
Halloween" but then moved Ministry to Sire records. He kept releasing
his side projects on WaxTrax! though. He did not leave on bad terms.


Al began a group with Luc Van Acker, Richard 23 (both from Front 242),
and William Rieflin called the Revolting Cocks. The name for the band came up
when they were all thrown out of a bar for being too rowdy and the
bartender called them all "a bunch of revolting cocks". They released
their two singles "No Devotion" and "You Often Forget" and "Big Sexy


With the harsh sound of RevCo, this probably influenced Al to
come out with Twitch in 1985. Here Al works on this alone, but
remember Stephen George from With Sympathy? Well, he played percussion
on the track " All Day" which appears on Twitch.

After Twitch, Paul Barker becomes an official member of Ministry.

Land of Rape and Honey

Prior to starting work on the next album, Al mentioned that he "came
when he picked up a guitar and played around with it". He knew all about guitars
was but never used one in a while. He was amazed
by the instrument's power and this influenced the next album's sound:
The Land Of Rape And Honey. This was released in 1988.
Here they had Mike Scaccia, Bill Rieflin and Chris Connelly to help
them record this album.

The Mind is A Terrible Thing To Taste

So, after Land Of Rape And Honey, the guys head back to Chicago Trax
Studios (pictures of this studio can be seen in Lard CDs), to record the
Mind is a Terrible Thing To Taste.

But during this time, Al was worried about the release of the B-sides
to the Land Of Rape and Honey to which the record label owner said
"not even a 1000 Homo Dj's would listen to them". The group, 1000 Homo
Djs is born. In the making of the next Ministry album, Mind Is A Terrible
Thing to Taste, Trent Reznor hangs out one late night at the studios
and they asked him to lay down vocals to "Supernaut" which is released
on the 1000 Homo Dj's only EP Supernaut. No matter what you hear, Trent
sings on all the versions of Supernaut out there. Due to TVT (Trent's
record label at the time), they were faced with legal problems, as
they did not want Trent to release anything outside of NIN. Al went
back into the studios and just distorted Trent's vocals to confuse the
lawyers, label and so on...

Also, Lard was born with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), and help from
others who werearound the Ministry circle then (including Al). They
are still going on, and have recently released an LP. Even though most
of the tracks were laid down during the making of Psalm 69, Jello
Biafra could not lay down any vocals as someone at a concert beat the
shit out of him, making him unable to do so.

In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live)

Back to The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, though. This was
released with help from other musicians/friends around (Ogre, Biafra, etc..).
They released it in '88 and a tour followed The famous tour happened
(they released a live CD from this tour titled: "In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up Live"
and a video was also released). KMFDM would open for Ministry and while performing
Ministry had guests such as skaters, Ogre, C. Connelly, Jello Biafra,
Martin Atkins who would join them.

Around this time, he also released materials from other sideprojects,
such as PTP, Acid Horse, and Pailhead. (?)

Psalm 69

Time goes on and on. 3 years. Psalm 69 is released. Bill Rieflin drums for
them. Al is heavy on psychedilics at this time. He was working on both
Psalm 69 and the RevCo album Lickin' Ficken Good. He threw out many
demos for Psalm 69, but finally came up with someone he is happy with?
In 1992, it's released. What bought Ministry to many people's homes,
stereos, and so on...they toured for a long, long time and released 3
singles: NWO, Just One Fix and Jesus Built My Hotrod.

Paul even left the band temporarily because Al's perfectionism got
to him, but all was well when Paul returned. On the tour, they played
with acts such as Sepultra and Helmet.

On the single "Just One Fix", the track "Quick Fix" contains William
S. Burroughs talking about certain things, and there appears a sample
of nine inch nails' "wish".

Oh, TVT around this time took over WaxTrax! (sad story), and I guess
Al must've heard horror stories from Reznor. Al takes all his
sideprojects and moves them to Sire in fear of TVT.

Filth Pig

This is where everything gets interesting: the recording of Filth
Pig. Paul and Al moved to Texas for the recording and moved to an
abandoned warehouse. The police busted one of Al's parties while he
was having sex with his girlfriend. Even though drugs were found, he
was let go. The incident inspired TVIII from "The Fall" single. He has
a "been there, done that" attitude towards drugs now, though.

Also, Mike Scaccia is mistaken for a shoplifter at Wal-Mart somewhere
and is searched. He had a lot of heroin on him in a bowling ball bag
(don't ask!). He's arrested.

Him and Paul Barker then take a big break from one another. At one
time Paul was scared of Al stating "I didn't know if one day he would
kill me with a shotgun!". Things settled, songs kept getting scrapped,
but finally Filth Pig is released in 1996.

Right now, they are working on another album, which should be out by
Fall '98.

The Videos

Home Videos:
In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up Live

Concert Videos:
Revenge (1982) - this does exist
Over The Shoulder ('85)
Stigmata ('88)
Flashback ('88)
Burning Inside ('91)
Jesus Built My Hotrod ('91)
N.W.O. ('92)
Just One Fix ('92)
Lay Lady Lay ('95)

Soundtrack/Compilation Appearances


Freejack: "Thieves" from "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste"

Tales from The Crypt: Demon Knight: "Tonight We Murder" (Stigmata Single)

Cool World: "N.W.O." from Psalm 69

Exit To Eden: "Jesus Built My Hotrod" from Psalm 69

Escape From L.A.: "Paisley" (Lay Lady Lay B-side). Check above question on this.

Cool World Soundtrack: "NWO"

Matrix Soundtrack: "Bad Blood"


VA Out Of Bounds: "Just One Fix"

VA Black Bible: "Everyday Is Halloween"

VA New Wave Halloween: "Everyday Is Halloween"

VA Bridge School Benefits: "Friend of A Devil" (Grateful Dead Cover)

VA Modern Day Rock '88: "Stigmata"

X-Games: "Jesus Built My Hotrod"

Cool World Soundtrack: "NWO"

MTV Best of 120 Minutes Vol. 2: "Stigmata"

Just Say Da: "Breathe"

Black Box: Supernaut (1000 Homo DJs), No Devotion & Beers, Steers and Queers 12" (Revolting Cocks),

I Will Refuse 12" (Pailhead), Faster Than Light (Lead Into Gold), Everyday is Halloween 12 (Ministry)

Rubber Glove Seduction 12" (PTP), No Name, No Slogan 12" (Acid Horse).

Side Projects

You may also want to take a look at Afra Ahmad's sideprojects page which includes
many scans and other information.

This section is not going to be updated as frequently
as that sideproject page at

This FAQ will be kept upto date for Ministry stuff (the information above this point) but not for
the sideprojects...

1000 Homo DJ's

Who are the members exactly?

Buck Satan (Al Jourgensen)
Officer Aggro (Jello Biafra)
Ike Krull (Trent Reznor)
Wee Willie Reefer (William Rieflin)
Viva Nova

What have they released so far?

The Apathy single which is just Al Jourgensen solo and together with the
whole list of members included above, the Supernaut EP.

What's with the name?

The name came from the WaxTrax! founder. Material that did not make The
Land Of Rape And Honey was what made Al worry, and the WaxTrax! founder
stated that only a thousand homo DJ's would hear it.

So what's up with this Trent Reznor vocal version of Supernaut? How did it all happen?

Al working late one night in Chicago is paid a visit by the industrial new
kid, Trent Reznor. Trent is asked to do vocals on the Black Sabbath cover,
Supernaut. Due to legal problem's with Trent's then record label, TVT
records, they could not release it to the public. Al then informed the
companies and the public, that he re-sang the vocals, but it is very
evident upon listening that all that was changed was Trent's vocals which
are distorted. This song is on the WaxTrax! Black Box (CD Box).

Acid Horse

Alien Dog Star (Al Jourgensen)
Gallaping Scorpio Saddlebutt (Chris Connely)
Biff (Bill Rieflin)
Harold Sandoz (Richard H. Kirk)
Tennessee King (Stephen Mallinder)

What albums have they released?

No albums. Just the "No Name, No Slogan" single, which, if you have the WaxTrax!
Black Box, you have it.

Murder Inc.

Martin Atkins (Ministry, Pigface, RevCo)
Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke, Pigface)
Chris Connelly (Ministry, RevCo)
John Bechedel (Killing Joke)

What albums did this group release?

Two: Murder Inc. and Corpuscle.

This is mainly Martin Atkins' side project and features members from
Killing Joke minus one.

Revolting Cocks

Al Jourgenson (original member)
Luc van Acker (original member)
Richard 23 (original member)(left)
Paul Barker
Roland Barker
William Rieflin
Chris Conelly
Duane Buford
Sean Joyce
Louis Svitek
Mike Scaccia
Jeff Ward (RIP)

Here's a list of all their albums:

No Devotion/ Attack Ships/ On Fire (single)
Big Sexy Land
You Often Forget (single)
You Goddamned Son-Of-A-Bitch
Stainless Steel Providers/ At the Top (single)
(Let's Get) Physical/ (Let's Talk) Physical (single)
Beers, Steers, and Queers
Beers, Steers, and Queers (single)
Linger Fickin' Good.
Do You Think I'm Sexy (single)
Crackin' Up (single)
Beers, Steers, and Queers (Remixes) (single)

You're probably asking, what's with the name?!

Well, Al and a whole bunch of other people were in a bar, and the bartender
threw them out because they were being too loud and drunk. He called them all a
bunch of Revolting Cocks and that's how it all started!
The band started out serious, but after Richard 23 (Front 242 it became a
silly band.

Ogre (Skinny Puppy), Trent (NIN) and others have contributed to Revco.

Their video to Attack The Ships on Fire (live) and Stainless Steel
Providers are in the Black Box Video Compilation.


Al Jourgensen
Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy's)
Paul Barker
Jeff Ward (RIP)
Bill Rieflin

The Power of Lard (EP)
The Last Temptation of Reid
Pure Chewing Staisfaction

What's this I hear about Pure Chewing Satisfaction and that it was all done
around the release of Ministry's Psalm 69?

Yep. The musical tracks were done around that time, but the reason why
Jello Biafra could not add vocals is because he was at a concert in
San Fransisco and stage dived. Someone recognised him and beat the hell out
of him, calling him a "sell out". So this delayed the vocal tracks...

the song Forkboy (Last Temptation..) appears on the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack
which was produced by Trent Reznor (NIN)


What does the name stand for?
Programming the Psychodrill

Al Jourgensen
Paul Barker
Martin Atkins
Chris Connely


Nope, just a single...called Rubber Glove Seduction, which also appears
ont he WaxTrax! Black Box Compilation.


Ian Mackaye (Fugazi)
Al Jourgensen
William Rieflen

What albums did they release?

Just the one: Trait. It was more of a six song EP and a bunch of vinyl releases. However, Trait was the only CD release.

Lead Into Gold

Mainly Paul Barker's side project, although others helped.

Chicks Speed: Futurism (A combo of 2 12" "The Idiot" and CSF)
Age of Reason

How come I can't find this anywhere?

Very hard to come by their stuff, but there is a video Faster Than Light
which is featured on the WaxTrax! Black Box compliation. Al Jourgensen,
Martin Atkins, Paul Barker and Trent Reznor feature in it.

Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters

Al Jourgensen
Barry Kooda

What's this all about?

Just a mess-around band. They have done covers of Hank Williams Sr., Dead,
The Stones...

They apparently opened up for Flaming Lips at the Liberty Lunch for a
benefit concert! The other rumoured members include K.D. Lang and George


Just as a note, Al Jourgensen had nothing to do with Pigface. Although Martin Atkins
(steady member of Pigface) credits him with the idea of Pigface and it's involvement. He said
Al put together this Ministry cover band and playing songs that were given to them.
Martin Atkins then thought of writing their own stuff and hence Pigface was born.

Written and Maintained by Afra Ahmad. Copyright 1998.